Temptation: Avoid Getting Cuffed


Temptation. There are many things this temptation can do, both good and bad.

When was the last time you get tempted? Were you able to overcome it? Let’s say, you have this eagerness to buy a pair of shoes you see in a department store. You think they really suit you and you’ll gonna look dead gorgeous wearing them. You can’t get over with this pair of shoes. It is the only thing in your mind all the time when you are in the mall. Really tempting and you can’t resist on picking the pair up and bringing it to the cashier. Come on. There’s nothing bad with what you gonna do. Unless, of course, if you don’t have money to pay for it.

Resist Temptation: It is 3TE!

Think Twice and Thrice, Everytime! I always say this to myself. I should think twice, thrice and even quadruple times before deciding for something. But most of the time, I am giving in the temptation and got caught shortwhile. Haha. Ow. Come join me. Don’t be pretentious!

But, let’s talk about real things here. How to resist temptation? Easy. Get rid of anything that will tempt you. That way, your world will be temptation free! You’ll gonna look really really weird this way because you are going to confine yourself in one corner while the whole world do temptfull acts. Well, as you may guess, this is not a feasible solution unless you are willing to sacrifice your social behavior.

While being tempted many times, I learned that a combination of getting rid of things and a balance between my needs and wants is the best solution. Let’s go back to the situation above. Ask yourself about:

  • Do you really need a new pair of shoes?
  • Do you have enough money to buy one?
  • Do you think it is best to buy it now?

If you answered No, I am congratulating you! You passed the test and will be able to skip Grade 11 and 12. You also have the privilege to be the new ambassador for world honesty. Lol! Of course, you will be torn between Yes or No. That’s how a human mind works.  If you answered Yes, then go buy it because you don’t have any problems.

Let’s Do Hide and Seek

Where and when temptation exists? It is when you do a great consideration on what you want. It is where you decided for something that will make you temporarily happy but in burden in the long run. That’s how temptation cuffed our hands. So, before you get caught by your own self, get rid of anything you don’t need. Don’t go to the department store if you don’t plan to buy any stuffs there or if you don’t have money to spend. As how we humans perform, we will do anything to hide these obvious indications to get satisfaction and well, definitely fall unto the temptation. It is like playing hide and seek with only one player, your own self.

So, as you can see, we are the ones who create this temptation. It is not something that just appeared in front of us. We worked for it and thus, we are ripping the fruit of our work. For us not to be tempted, we should plant something that is beneficial in the long run. Not just giving up for the spike of happiness temptation can bring.

Think Twice, Thrice, Everytime.

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