Certificate Design #1: COS Recognition Day 2013


This is my first post for Certificates.

About the Project

I was assigned by our college dean, Dr. Armee N. Rosel to take in charge on making certificates for recognition. These certificates were given to chemistry graduates that recently passed the 2012 Chemistry Licensure Examination. My adviser, Mrs. Claire C. Lagrana assisted me on constructing the words or the “wordings” printed on the certificate as well as evaluating the overall design prior to its presentation to our college dean.

COS Recognition Day 2013 Certificates


This is the design chosen by our dean to undergo final production.

Other Designs

These designs also look good but one should stand out. Efforts are not wasted because I am able to use these designs on other following projects. 😀 Recycling. You know.

The middle initial of Ms. Bae is P not A.


The last one still makes me feel that I am intergalactic. Haha!

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