SpideyLab Launch: A Happy Birthday Treat to Me!

Happy Birthday

I am opening this blog with my birthday post. Happy Birthday to me! I am becoming old! No more teeny weeny days! πŸ˜› And good luck to Manny Pacquiao on his fight of the century with the arrogant Mayweather Jr. :-/

The Migration Process

Some posts from my old blog had been imported here at SpideyLab. It seems that I wasted some money registering that domain but I think this is a better move to create a new one. Rebranding at the early stage – since I find it hard to write content there since I bombarded myself into a narrow range of things to post about. In the sake of curiosity, you can still visit the old blog here: http://atomophile.com. It is not that old because it is existing for just a few weeks now and will continue to exist for about a year. πŸ˜€

Reliable Hosting

One more thing is that finding a reliable webhost is such a stressful work. I guess I need to raise funds to transfer this blog on a better host somewhere in the coming months – if using Cloudflare CDN and some caching plugins here in Hostinger will not suffice. Uhm. Enough of technicals. Well, that’s a lil bit hard since I still depend on my parents while I am out of job and preparing for the licensure exam. Good luck to me.

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