Civil Service Exam Application 2018: Schedule, Requirements and Tips

This post will guide you step by step on how to apply for the Civil Service Exam or also known as Career Service Eligibility (CSE) in the Philippines. The complete requirements, qualifications, tips on how to have easy application are tackled below. I will be stating all the resources and facts as I can.

This post is originally written last July 22, 2015 but the facts about the exam written here still hold true.


October 2017. Added online checking of individual results for past examinations.

May 2017. Updated downloadable CS Form 100 (Revised September 2016). Included link for checking results of March 12, 2017 Examinations.

2018 Examination Schedule

Here are the Civil Service Examination Schedule for 2018, both for Professional and Sub-Professional Levels (CSE-PPT):

(waiting for official announcement)

Last Examination Results

Examination 1 (Ended)

Date of Examination: March 12, 2017
Period of Filing of Application: November 14, 2016 to January 13, 2017

Check results here: Civil Service Examination Results CSE-PPT March 12, 2017

Examination 2 (Ended)

Date of Examination: August 6, 2017
Period of Filing of Application: April 3, 2017 to June 2, 2017

Check results here: Civil Service Examination Results CSE-PPT August 6, 2017

CSE-Online Results

Check your individual ratings using this online tool: CSE-Online Result Generation (OCSERGS)

The Story

I’d been hesitant on applying for Career Service Eligibility. Maybe because I am on the hope of passing the board examination last year. This time, I am not taking the risk again and there’s no harm if I will apply for both examinations. The PRC Board Examination for Chemistry will be held this September 15-16, 2015 while the CSC Career Service Eligibility (CSE) Examination is scheduled on October 18, 2015. I am not negative that I will  fail the board exam (I will pass!) but this is a better plan than do achieve nothing this year.

Story Update: I am able to pass the the two examinations. I am now a Career Service Eligible and a Chemist too! :-D. Read my experience about taking the board exam here: Blog Comeback: Chemist Board Licensure Examination.

Note: If you already passed a board examination held by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), there is no need for you to take the civil service exam as you are already more than qualified to occupy a government position. This is stated on Philippine Republic Act 1080. If you graduated from a non-board course, you should take the exam otherwise.

What is Civil Service / CAREER SERVICE Eligibility?

This eligibility allows anyone to hold a position in the government regardless of educational attainment. Of course, those who have higher credentials will get a higher position. This eligibility is just like a key for the door of government service. A “ticket to get in”. We are not talking about oversold tickets here but basically, this is the first step to have a chance to get hired and be a permanent employee in a government agency. If you know what I mean, you should know someone inside to get through (But not always the case!).

Benefits of a CSE Passer

Let us cite an example. Let us say you are currently working in a government agency as a contractual employee. If you passed the CSE Exam, the chance of you being a permanent employee will get higher. However, your performance will still be the gauge whether you qualify to be a permanent employee. So far, this is the only benefit of being a CSE passer aside from being proud of yourself that you passed the exam that only 20% of takers per year were able to get through it. You then have a high IQ perhaps?

Types and Frequency of Examination

The examination is given in two types: CSE Professional and CSE Subprofessional (CSC-PPT). Both of the exams are held twice a year. Usually, in the months of May and October. A special computer assisted test (CSC-CAT) is administered in the CSC Central Office.


Note: The application is conducted on a first come first served basis. CSC may close the application once the quota for a certain testing center is met. Taking the examination does not have any limit. You can take it unlimited times until you passed.

Scope of Examination

  • CSE Professional: vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic, and numerical reasoning (In English and Filipino language)
  • CSE Subprofessional: vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, clerical operations, and numerical reasoning (In English and Filipino language)

Both levels have general information questions regarding the Philippine Constitution, R.A 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees), Peace and Human Right concepts and issues, Environment Management and Protection.

CSE Professional vs CSE Subprofessional

  • CSE Professional examination has an additional analogy and logic questions while CSE Subprofessional has clerical operation questions.
  • The Professional exam consists 170 items that should be answered within three hours (3 hours) while Subprofessional consists 165 items answerable within two and a half hour (2 1/2 hours).
  • You can get higher position with CSE professional while Subprofessional is only applicable for clerical positions.

Where to Apply

You can submit your application form or apply at the Civil Service Commission Regional Office or Field Office near you. The field office is usually located inside or near the Capitol’s office of your province or your Region’s Government Center. It should be easy to look for it since government offices are usually located in the same block.

Note: The Central Office does not accept civil service exam applications.

Qualification Requirements

  • Both examinations are open to every Filipino citizen regardless of educational attainment. It doesn’t matter if you are an elementary, high school, technical course or college graduate. You are eligible in taking the exam.
  • The applicant should be at least 18 years old at the time of application.
  • No criminal record, haven’t convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime.
  • Have not been dishonorably discharged from military service.
  • Have not taken the same level of examination in the last three months (3 months).


I guess you had already decided to apply after reading the civil service exam facts above. The following are the complete requirements for application:

 1. Fully accomplished application form (CS Form 100).

  • The spaces for signature over printed name and thumbmark should be filled in front of a CSC processor. You may opt to fill up the form inside the CSC premises as they will further guide you on how to fill it up correctly. Download CS Form 100_Revised September 2016.

 2. Four (4) copies of Identical Philippine Passport size ID photo.

  • Taken within the past three (3) months.
  • Philippine Passport Size (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm or 1.4 inches x 1.8 inches, width x height)
  • Handwritten nametag (not computer generated and should be held by the applicant). Recommended size of the nametag is 2 to 2.5 inches x 12 inches (width x height).
  • The nametag should contain the full name of the applicant in this format: First Name Middle Initial Last Name. Signature should be placed right above the applicant’s name.
  • In standard close-up shot, full face view facing the camera (from shoulder level up with the head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture and with the name tag positioned at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin)
  • In bare face, neutral facial expression (no smiling and both eyes open), showing left and right ears (with no eyeglasses or any accessories that may cover the facial features)
  • Colored with white background and printed in quality photo paper.

Note: The name tag should be held by the applicant 1 inch or 2.4 centimeter below the chin in the actual shot or 0.3 to 0.5 centimeter distance from the chin to the nametag in the printed photo.

 3. Original and photocopy of a valid ID

Original and photocopy of a valid ID containing the applicant’s clear picture, complete name, gender, date of birth, signature and signature of the head of the issuing agency. Valid IDs are the following:

  • Driver’s License (LTO Student Permit is not accepted)
  • SSS ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • Company ID (current)
  • Student/School ID (current and validated within the date of application)
  • Postal ID
  • BIR ID
  • Barangay ID
  • Valid Passport
  • Police Clearance (NBI clearance is not accepted)

Note: Any other ID not included in the list is not accepted. The ID should not contain any alterations or unreadable information. For identification cards that lacks information especially the date of birth, a NSO Birth Certificate or an authenticated birth certificate from Local Registrar is required. The original and photocopy of the birth certificate should be presented for validation purposes. All of the original documents shall be returned to the applicant.

 4. Copy of Appointment Letter

Copy of appointment letter received by the application through email (for Computer Assisted Test only)

 5. Examination Fee

Examination Fee of P500 for CSE Professional and Subprofessional; P600 for CSE CAT.

Tips and Reminders

Civil Service Commission is quite strict in their requirements. Don’t tend to argue and insist what you want especially in the photo you are submitting to them. You should strictly follow all the specification stated in no. 2. For you to easily picture the correct “picture” you will submit, check these images from the CSC website:



I advised you to follow and complete all the requirements before going to a CSC office. It is a great way for you to say time and avoid any hassle rushing for a correct photo or photocopy of a supporting document (birth certificate). Applying for the examination is easy. Also, apply early for you to have enough time to review and relax before the examination date.

Once the application is accepted, the processor will give you your official receipt, examination slip and possibly a guide map to the testing center you are assigned. In some case however, the room/seat number will be provided 5 days before the examination date (You will be going to the CSC office personally again to get your room/seat number).

Things to Bring During the Civil Service Exam

  • Application official receipt (OR) and examination slip
  • Valid ID/IDs (The same ID you presented during application is recommended)
  • Mongol No 1. or 2 lead pencil(s)
  • Eraser
  • Black ballpen

Note: Calculators are not allowed.

Also, bring a bottled water since we do not know when or if we need to get a few sip during the examination.

Examination Results

You need to have at least 80% of the questions answered correctly to pass the civil service exam. Roughly, this translates to 136 correct answers out of 170.

1. CSE-PPT (Paper and Pencil Test)

The following apply for both Professional and Subprofessional Level:

  • Results are usually released forty-five (45) days after the examination. The name of passers shall be posted in CSC website.
  • Those who passed the examination must personally claim their Certificate of Eligibility at the CSC Regional Office/Field Office upon presentation of required documents. On the other hand, those who failed the examination may secure a copy of their Report of Rating through the CSC website.
  • No Report of Rating shall be mailed to those who failed. To secure a copy of the Report of Rating, an examinee must key in his/her name, date of birth, examinee number, examination date, and examination type. Thus, examinees are advised to safe keep or remember their examinee number until receipt of the examination result.

2. CSE-CAT (Computer Assisted Test)/CSE-COMEX

  • Results of the CSE-CAT/CSE-COMEX are usually released within two to three hours after the examination. Examinees are strongly advised to wait for the examination results. Those who passed shall receive their Certificate of Eligibility, while those who failed shall receive their Report of Rating. Should an examinee fail to claim/receive his/her examination result on the examination day, he/she has to personally return at a later date to claim either his/her Certificate of Eligibility or Report of Rating.
  • The names of passers of the CSE-CAT examinees are posted at the CSC website by clicking the following link: Online CSE-CAT Result Generation System. A copy of the Notice of Rating (for passers) may also be secured online. However, the Notice of Rating does not in any way replace the Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Meanwhile, a copy of the Report of Rating of examinees who failed the examinations may also be secured through the CSC website. To secure a copy of the Report of Rating, an examinee must key in his/her name, date of birth, examinee number, examination date, and examination type.

God bless to all of us who will take the civil service exam! 🙂

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  • I’ll try to take CSC exam soon.. Thanks for this wonderful info.. 🙂

    • Raz

      Hello! You should really take it if you really want to enter a government office. Well, on my case, I am not able to take the exam since there is a typhoon on that weekend. The exam has been rescheduled for those who weren’t able to come on the exam date but I still did not make it due to a busy work schedule.

      Good luck on your exam! 🙂

      • Raz thank you for encouraging me, actually its my plan every year but because of my busy schedule, I will plan it again next year hehehe :p

        • Raz

          Well then, I wish you all the best for your 2016 plans! 😀

          • ramil j dacles

            sir / maam wala na po bang police clearance and NBI for application ?

          • Raz

            Hi Ramil, wala na po. Pero kung wala po kayong ibang valid ID, pwede po ang Police Clearance.

          • ramil j dacles

            sir ask lang po kong kailan din po ang simula ng application ng CS sa catbalogan ?tnz po

          • Raz

            Hi Ramil, tapos na ang application perioid para sa 2nd exam this year para sa civil service (August). Wala pang bagong schedule galing civil service para sa susunod na exam.

  • Is it true that if you graduated as Cum Laude, is it already not necessary to take the exams?

    • Raz

      Hi, yes. But you should still apply (not on the CSC office) to get the certificate and pay applicable fees. In our school, CSC Eligibility for students with honors is being processed by the registrar. However, I have some friends on other schools who also graduated with honors but did not get the eligibility. I think it depends on the school if they’re willing to process your application or not.

      • Thanks for replying! But may I ask a few more? Does your school automatically process it or the honor students still need to apply for the school to process it? I’m wondering about my case, though. My school’s a State University so it’s basically partly government, (and I graduated about two years ago). Someone told me before to just present my ToR for the CSC eligibility, but I’m not sure how exactly.

        • Raz

          As I can remember, honor students were advised to complete the application form and requirements. They submitted it to the registrar and got the certificate after a week or so. With that, prior to graduation, they already had their eligibility. I am also from a state university like you. I think the best way is to visit your school if you have some free time and inquire about it.

          • Ah, thanks so much for the info! Well I was really planning to visit coz of my alumni ID but I just haven’t had a chance since it’s 5 hours travel away. Now I have more reasons to actually visit. Thanks again!! 🙂

          • Raz

            Welcome! Did you already visited your school? 🙂

  • jylyan

    hello po pag registered nurse at licensed teacher na po ba pwede parin mag exam ng civil service? alam kung granted na ang automatic eligibility ng mga board passer pero gusto talaga itry kung makakaya ko bang maipasa ang civil service,tnx

    • Raz

      Hi jylyan, yes, pwede ka pa po magtake ng CSE kahit na board passer ka na. It seems redundant kasi nga automatically eligible na nga tayo (i’m already a registered chemist nung nagtake ako ng civil service) but it won’t hurt to try. Infact, nun ngang nagapply ako for examination e PRC ID ko ang ibinigay ko sa CSC. Kasali din kasi yung PRC ID sa pwedeng proof of identification. So, pwede talagang magapply for the exam kung gusto mo talaga.

  • Yeye

    Kailangan po ba ng certificate of good moral and NBI clearance to take the exam?

    • Raz

      No need ng good moral. Tapos di po tinatanggap ang NBI Clearance as proof of identification. Pakibasa nalang yung application requirements.

  • Joanna

    Hi po.. Ask q lang po if hindi po ba pwede mg take ng CSC if buntis? tnx

    • Raz

      Hi Joanna, Wala po ako maisip na reason why hindi papayagan unless maselan ang pregnancy niyo po. But I suggest better take the exam after you gave birth.

  • En Carta

    Hi! Wala ka bang reviewer jan? 🙂 planning to take this october..salamat!

    • Raz

      Hi. I’m sorry. I don’t have any reviewer here. The only one I scanned few days before the exam is the online version in You’ll then have an idea how the actual exam will be. But I am not saying questions are exactly the same, just the approach. hope it will help you. 🙂

  • Ms.Jamxie 21

    Hi joana, magfafile ako ng application pwede ba ung ididikit nlng ung name tag pero handwritten naman? Thanks!

    • Raz

      Hi, What do you mean po sa ididikit? As long as you follow the requirement, you’re good to go. Kung ieedit ang picture at ilalagay nalang ang nametag para maiayos ang alignment, that’s what I did kasi nahihirapan ang photographer sa studio that time sa nametag ko, pero nagtrial kami na hawak ko. Just make sure na it is not obvious that it has been edited. In short, natural pa rin at mukhang hawak mo talaga yung nametag,

      • Ms.Jamxie 21

        Nakapagfile na ako thanks for the info. Raz pala name mo hehehe sorry and thankyou ulit sa response 😉

      • Hi Raz, tanong ko lang tama ba yung nasearch ko na hanggang Aug. 31, 2016 lang po yung registration for exam ng Oct. 23?
        Sa pasay lang po ba yung regisration?
        and then san po yung setting ng exam? Sorry, got confused. Thank you!

        Hoping for a quick response. 🙂

  • Rodelyn Collamar

    Hi Raz, tanong ko lang tama ba yung nasearch ko na hanggang Aug. 31, 2016 lang po yung registration for exam ng Oct. 23?

    • Raz

      Ang alam ko po hanggang bukas, Sept 1. Anywhere na CSC office pwede magapply. Pero first come first serve po kasi ang slots per region. Kaya yung ibang offices, di na tatanggap ng application kahit di pa deadline kasi puno na ang slot for the designated test center.

      • Thank you sa response Raz, ahmm kung san ako nag-apply dun din ba ako mag tetake ng exam right? Thank you!

        Pano ko malalaman yung next schedule ng registration?

        • Raz

          It depends po kung saang test center ang nakadesignate para sa area mo (kung san ka magaaply) at type ng exam, kung pro o sub pro. Pero usually, malapit lang naman yun. For example po sakin, sa Tarlac provincial office ako nagapply, nagtake ako sa San Fernando, Pampanga. Kasi dun ang designated exam place for tarlac office. Bibigyan ka po nila ng copy ng map at guide papunta dun sa testing center once ok na yung application mo.

          Inaannounce po iyon ng CSE. I will update this article too once the new schedule is released.

          • Ah ok, thank you so much!

            Located kasi ako sa Laguna, nag research ako kung saan ako pwede mag register, “Provincial Capitol Compound, Sta. Cruz, Laguna” so eto yung pinaka malapit sakin. Need ko pumunta personaly, with complete requirements,. And kailagan narin ba isettle yung payment? Or during exam na yung payment? Thank you so much! I will follow this page. Thanks!

          • Rodelyn

            Hi Raz,, I already file for CSE.. Tanong ko lang kung ano ano yung pwedeng dalhin during the exam? scratch paper for computation pwede?

  • Catherine Verdida Noynay-Amica

    Is it possible to take the civil service exam kahit po pasado na sa PRC Board Exam? For promotion purposes lang po sana. Salamat sa mga sasagot 🙂

    • Raz

      Hi Catherine, if you have read the article, especially the update for January, yes, it is indeed possible. I myself was already a board passer when I re-applied and took the exam. Actually, my PRC Card was the one I presented when I applied.

  • joms

    Hi po, anu po ilalagay ko sa last examination taken, kung hindi nman po ako naka attend sa last cs exam na inapplyan ko? thanks..

    • Raz

      Hi Joms, same case tayo. Di rin ako nakapunta sa exam sa first application ko. Sabi sa office ng Civil service na pinuntahan ko, counted as 1 examination na yon kahit di ka naman nakapagexam talaga. So, iindicate mo ang date na yun for last examination.

  • Karen Valenton

    hi, tanong ko lang kong anong qualifications para sa CSE Professionals?

  • Joanna Cadorna

    Hai raz, ask ko lang po kung may category kung sino dapat ang magtake ng CSE Professional and CSE Subprofessional. Gusto ko po mag take ng Exam this year pero hindi ko alam kung ano ba dapat itake sa dalawang type ng exam. Thank you!

    • Raz

      Hi Joanna! You can take kahit ano sa dalawa. But if you can. Professional is better. The difference between the two is ang professional examination ay merong analogy and logical reasoning test. Mas matagal din ang exam (3hrs 10minutes) compared sa Subpro na 2hrs 40mins lang.

      Ang Subpro is for qualifying in clerical positions sa government (first level position). Ito yung mga position that will only require 2 years in college atleast. Ang pro naman ay para maqualify ka sa second level position, ito yung mga professional, technical,scientific, supervisory work na normally also requires 4 years in college. Pwede ka magtake ng subpro muna then pro. Pwede din naman pro agad. Kahit anong educational attainment, pwede rin itake kahit alin sa dalawa. Hope nakatulong. 🙂

      • Joanna Cadorna

        Thank you Raz !! Now I know 🙂

  • Kaye

    Hi! Thank you sa info. Super helpful, especially dun sa photo requirement. 🙂

    • Raz

      You’re welcome Kaye! 🙂

  • Pribe

    Hello! If i have taken the exam last March 12, 2017. Is it okay for me to file for this coming August?

    • Raz

      Hi Pribe! As per their qualification requirement, “Have not taken the same level of examination in the last three months (3 months).” during the application, you can’t. Since the exam taken last March 12 will overlap with the filing period for August examination. This is how I understand it. The best way of course is to ask them directly about this.

      • Pribe

        Okay. XD. Thanks for the time. hahaha hopefully they will let me take it again.

        • Raz

          You’re welcome Pribe! 🙂

      • Grace

        Hello Pribe. I think there should be no problem. My husband took an exam last March 12 but unfortunately did not make it. He again filed an application last month for the exam scheduled in August, and his application was accepted. Perhaps, the 3 months they mean would be from March 13-June 12. And the examination is scheduled in August so there should be no problem. 🙂

        • Raz

          Hi Grace! Thank you for this information, and also for correcting my statement too. 🙂 So, to sum this up, the 3-month rule only applies to the Computer Assisted test then, not for the regular Paper-Pencil Test.

  • Kay Saluh

    Hi po! Mag file sana ako next week para sa August 2017 exam, kaso ang ID lang na meron ako is yung school ID ko lang. And nakalagay kasi na kailangan daw validated for the current school year, kaso summer na. Considered parin po bang valid tong school ID ko? Or not na?

    • Raz

      Hi Kay, yes you can. It will be considered as valid since it might be impossible for your ID to be validated during summer when you do not have subjects during the time (Summer is not considered as a school term anyway). Dalhin mo lang yung PSA (NSO) Birth certificate mo at photocopy lalo na kung di nakalagay sa school ID ang birthday mo.

      • Kay Saluh

        Thank you so much! This is rlly a great help. God bless po 🙂

        • Raz

          You’re welcome! Sana wala kang maencounter na hassle during the application. God Bless you too for the coming exam! 🙂

  • roa alcaraz

    hello po nag take na po ako ng civil exam netong march 2017 pen and paper but i failed the exam , allow ba ko makapag retake ng exam computerize exam COMEX this time or mag hihintay pa ko ng months bago mag file ulit for examination , please reply po

    • Raz

      Hi Roa, You can take the computer assisted exam by June, since it is already 3 months after your last examination. You have somewhat the same case with Pribe, you can also read the reply of Ms. Grace below so you can have an idea.

      • roa alcaraz

        🙂 thankyou

  • Ynnah Magdaraog Relata

    Hi I just want to ask if mabilis lng Ba process pag nfile this June supposedly Last filing Po un ..

    • Raz

      Hi Ynnah. I suggest magfile ka na ngayon kasi may chance na ubos na ang slots before the last filing date pa. Mabilis lang naman process basta kumpleto at ayos ang requirements mo, lalo na dun sa ID picture. Nung ako nagapply, walang 30mins ok na, nakuha ko na din yung receipt ko nun at tsaka yung guide map papunta sa testing center.

  • Rusell

    Pwede po ba Maggie ng application for CSE ang pregnant? Thanks

  • Rusell

    Pwede po b ang buntis mgapply ng application for CSE? Thanks po s sasagot

    • Raz

      Pwede po. But make sure po na hindi risky pagdating sa month na ng exam.

  • Constant Domination

    Pano po yung name tag, sa photo studio nalng ako gagawa ng name tag? mag dadala nalng ako

    • Raz

      Hi, nung ako po, gumawa na din ko ng nametag bago ako pumunta sa photo studio. 🙂

  • Dv Tonette Gorgonio

    Hi goodmorning pwede ko po malaman yung exact address kung saan po ako pwede magpasa ng requirements? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Raz

      Hi, check niyo po kung aling office ang nearby sa lugar ninyo dito:, ito po ay for NCR since di ko po alam kung taga saan kayo. Usually, magkakatabi lang naman o magkakalapit na government offices so mga field office ng CSC sa provinces is madali lang din po mahanap.

  • Janine Javier

    Hi po, first time ko mag apply ng CSE subprofessional nung nagparegister po ako hindi ko pa alam na buntis ako. OK lang po ba ang buntis sa pag take ng exam?? Thanks po sa sasagot

    • Raz

      Hello Janine! Yes, ok lang po. pero make sure na okay ang condition mo for the exam. Pwede ka ding bumalik sa pinagapplyan mo at tanungin sila kung pwede kang mailipat sa testing center/room na especially for PWD/Pregnant. God bless!

  • Macoy Barroquillo

    What if nawala po yung Application official receipt (OR) and examination slip ok lang po ba? Thank you po.

  • gina

    hi may age limit po ba

    • Raz

      hi gina, wala po. As long as 18 years old pataas, pwede na magtake ng civil service.