Lazada PH Shopping Experience & Review: Return Policy

When it comes to online shopping, there is no doubt that Lazada is well known by the general public due to enormous advertisement on television channels, social websites and banners to name a few. Lazada is an online store that has services across Southeast Asia by Rocket Internet GmbH. Lazada joined the growing number of online stores here in the Philippines last February 2012 following its counterparts in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. With the goal of providing holistic and effortless shopping, Lazada recently extended its footprints in Singapore with its official launch in the country last May 2014.

If you will be visiting Lazada Philippines website in a regular manner, you’ll notice a vast number of “sale” happening everyday. This is not counting the sale events during holidays. Filipinos are known to be thrifty and will settle for the “bang for the buck” most of the time.  I, myself regularly visit the company’s website to check for the promos and sale events – and thus, lead in buying some good stuffs. Being smart enough, Lazada is one of the best place to find good deals that worth your every penny earned. However, not all the time is a “bang for the buck”. Lazada claimed that all goods sold by them were in great quality and genuine. In the past three years of service, Lazada had faced different issues regarding product quality and rendered service. Issues varying from fake goods, defective items, undelivered items, poor customer service, fraud, scam (not proven), refunds and product replacements.

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Lazada PH is still a new online marketplace. Even Lazada is around for 3 years in our country, you should be ready for some flaws in the service because they are not yet a very stable company.

I started buying goods at Lazada last June 2014. Since then, I haven’t encountered any problem with them except for the delayed delivery service of 2GO. Fortunately, as of the time of writing, Lazada unlisted 2GO as their partner courier. Today, I’ll be sharing my experience on Refund and Replacement Policy of Lazada.

Lazada Return Policy

Philippines was said to suffer for numerous power outages this summer due to inadequate supply of electricity as a result of scheduled maintenance of various powerplants and also, the growing need for power supply of the business sector. Since I am reviewing for the upcoming licensure examination in September, I started to find ways to be on track on my review when there will be power outage in our area. I use my ASUS Tablet as a medium for some of my review materials like video tutorials and ebooks. With this, I decided to look for a powerbank for my tablet during emergency cases. Lazada offers various branded and generic powerbanks. It was Lazada’s 3rd Anniversary then so many products arrived on the marketplace. LeYou 16800mAh Powerbank caught my attention due to its large capacity and competitive discounted price of P998 instead of P3,599. I immediately checked the brand and discovered that it has a dedicated brand website – a sign that it is genuine and with good quality — but it is in Chinese. Inspecting and evaluating the product details, I decided to give it a try and ordered it together with another item.

Choose Cash on Delivery as mode of payment when possible.

The item arrived at our doorstep 5 days after (provincial delivery).  The item was then security verified online and yielded a “genuine product” output. The item arrived half-charged. For testing purposes,  I charged it to full before using it.

The results of the test for few charge cycles showed that the capacity of the powerbank is only around 13200mAh at 80% efficiency instead of 16800mAh. By further research and observation, I hypothesized that the pack uses 18650 2200mAh Samsung Cells instead of the 2800mAh variant. I tested the bank again for another charge cycle and collected the same result. Thinking of having a faulty item, I shipped it back to Lazada via LBC Express after the Holy Week. I demanded for a replacement and stated my reasons in the return form.

Updated (May 16): Checkout my comprehensive review about Pineng PN-999 Powerbank. Also, you may want to know how actual output capacity is calculated.

First Experience in Lazada Return Policy

After 2 days, a customer service emailed me that they already received my return at their warehouse and the item will undergo quality testing for 2 business days. Lazada slightly impressed me because it was really a 2-day quality check (reviews about this found on the internet were mostly negative) by assuring me that my refund was initiated and will take 1-45 business days for the refund to be credited. I am confused with this feedback because I asked for a replacement. However, it is just fine and maybe the product is out of stock. (Visiting the product page, I found out that the powerbank is not in stock).

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You will have a less chance of encountering problems when you order items directly sold and/or fullfilled by Lazada.

The next day, a representative from Lazada services told me that my refund amount of P1,000 was already sent via remittance and can be claimed at any LBC Branch. WOW! That was blazingly fast! I expected to have my money back within 3-5 business days as stated on their policy for Cash on Delivery but it was processed in just a day. And one more thing, I was informed about my refund in a Sunday! I got the remittance easily the following Tuesday.

Here are some screenshots of my transaction:





Summary of Experience

The refund process was fast and somewhat disprove most of the negative feedbacks of other customers. The whole process took 5 days (it includes the shipping, quality evaluation and actual refund process). Here are my tips for those who are in doubt of Lazada Philippines about their refund/replacement service:

  • Pay via COD (Cash on Delivery) or Paypal. Debit and credit card payment takes longer refund time.
  • State the problems of the product clearly. In my case, I sent a copy of the tests and results I had gathered in a timeline style to Lazada (via Email and on the return parcel).
  • Contact Lazada immediately when you have problems with the order you received and advice them that you’ll update them for any performance change of the product (if applicable).
  • Make sure that your return is covered in the Lazada Return Policy.
  • Be calm and talk nicely with the customer service representative that assists you.

Note: This review about the refund policy of Lazada PH is fully based on my personal experience from the service. Others who had encountered problem/s with Lazada MIGHT BE an isolated case.

How’s your experience with Lazada Return Policy?

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  • Jeff

    Did you pay anything when you returned your powerbank back to Lazada via LBC?

    • Raz

      Hi Jeff. No, I didn’t. Returns are free.

  • Arjay Daniel Dela Cruz

    Hi. When returning the item/items what proof of purchased do i have to attached? thank you.

    • Raz

      Hi Arjay! It is best if you can ship back the item/s with the original packaging (ex. Black Lazada plastic) then if the item arrived with an official receipt (if given) and return form, include those on the return package. I think official receipt is not really needed especially if you are just only requesting for replacement (I returned some itmes before, I only include the return form).

      For flawless transaction, do not forget to initiate a return on Lazada’s website beforehand. You can also opt to print the return form generated in the transaction.

      • Arjay Daniel Dela Cruz

        Thank you for for responding Raz. I have another concern, since the shipment is Monday October 12, and on that time i was over the 7 day outright period. I got the item Tuesday October 6 and returned it today October 10 (4 days to me), will be shipped on Monday and probably delivered on their warehouse the next day/s. Will I still be within their 7 day outright period?

        • Raz

          October 12 is only the 6th day of the refund/replacement period (counting October 7 as the first day/first 24 hours). Also, the return is officially initiated once the return parcel is accepted by LBC, not when the parcel is received on Lazada’s warehouse. So yes, you will be covered by the refund/replacement policy. Just make sure you had read what is/are accepted for return/s on Lazada’s policy.

      • Kayla Sampang

        Hi there Raz! I hope you see this just in time. I am planning to return an order of my mum’s, for replacement because clearly they sent a pair of shoes that’s two sizes bigger. It was the first time my mum ordered from them and she’s a bit put off by the experience. I’m feeling guilty since I was the one who urged her to try Lazada :p 🙁 question, how do I fill out the return form? Is the order number same as the tracking number (because I can’t see where the tracking number is) and the items were already delivered, however until now when I access my mum’s Lazada account it says there that the items are still being “processed” instead of being tagged as “delivered”

        You may email me for faster comms. [email protected] and I would very much appreciate to hear from you. Thanks! 🙂

        • Raz

          Hi Kayla! Lately, the order status update on Lazada takes a longer time to show the correct status compared before. especially if the item is delivered thru Lazada Express. I think this is a technical glitch as they are constantly changing the procedure or look of their website. If you can’t fillup a return form because of this, please contact Lazada using just input any question when asked then click the “Get In Touch” button to send an email directly to Lazada Customer Service. Cite your concern there. Me, myself had also experienced that (the status doesn’t get updated), fortunately, the products were good and I did not bother to get in touch with their CS. Good luck!

  • Cris

    Sounds lucky for you. In my case I received my order home audio last Nov 27, but it has defect in the output section so we returned item the next day in LBC Nov 28. guess what? Until now, Dec 17, 2015 still in process and evaluation. Wow…!!! Everyday almost talk with the customer service and recurring words that coordinating my concern.. One thing for sure when it reaches Dec 25 I am going to file a case in DTI regarding in this matter.

  • Hikaru Shidou

    Anyone here that have succeeded on their return/replacements or refunds? How long did it takes and was the outcome good?

  • Guena Hao

    Hi! I’m planning to return the flashdrive i bought from them because it is defective but the return button in Lazada’s website is missing. Also, I cannot find their return form. The package they delivered does not contain any return form. Now, I don’t know how will i return my item to them.

    • Raz

      Hi. Go to “My Orders” from your Lazada account and initiate the return there.

      • Camille Alen-Mari Alcordo Enad

        But what if it doesn’t appear at all? How will I returned the product I bought? LBC instructed me to provide one.

        • Raz

          Hi Camille, Did you already contact Lazada about this concern?

  • Marlonne May Bautista

    Hi. My action camera i returned it. How long it takes? Because i returned it 1 week ago.

  • ann

    i’m going to return some item tomorrow it’s watch., how much maybe it cost via LBC?

    • Raz

      Hi Ann, returns to Lazada are free.

      • Vyvyn Amante

        How about returns because that order delivered was cancelled?

        • Raz

          Hi, I already replied to your previous comment. Kindly clarify if the order has been already shipped, delivered or not.

  • Dean winchester

    Where can I get the return form? Walang ksama nung dneliver eh.
    I bought an item from lazada (by planet sports inc.) Mali ung size. Crystal Clear naman sa order ko ung size. Im planning to return and replace it the correct size sana. I already initiated a return request. What does that mean

  • Vyvyn Amante

    Thank goodness i’m not alone. I have also ordered from Lazada and opted to cancel due to duplication. Do I just inform the driver of LBC that I have cancelled my order? Does it require payment or forms? Please do help. Thank you.

    • Raz

      Hi Vyn, if you already cancelled your order in Lazada, typically they will just instruct you to refuse to accept the package once it is delivered to you. This is the only way once an order has been already shipped before it is cancelled.

      • Vyvyn Amante

        thank you so much for responding raz. i have 2 orders one is a duplicate of the product. i contacted them to cancel (since the cancel button on their website isn’t available). one order is still processing while the other is already in shipment.

        • Vyvyn Amante

          will there be a payment once i refused? or any forms i need to fill? thank you for responding.

  • Dheya Cabatingan

    hi Raz i hope you read this immediately. i return a smartwatch right now and drop it off at LBC and i would like to know, how to send the the tracking number to lazada should i send it through email?

    • Raz

      Di Dheya, I hope my response is not that late. No need to send them the tracking number. You can track it yourself so that you’ll know where currently is the parcel.

      • Dheya Cabatingan

        oh ok, and thank you 🙂

  • Mae Narciso

    hi raz. iv returned an ordr at lazada. upon tracking i found they already rcved it dec 13 2016.? nw i want to knw wen is my refund? ang hrap twaga
    n ng htline nila,’ gs2 ko sna via lbc nlang nila padala, pls help

    • Raz

      What is the exact status on LBC tracking? Upon receipt po ng returned item, it will take about 2 days for verification, at saka palang po maproprocess ang refund. Dahil kakaend lang po ng grand christmas sale nila, i think it will take a bit longer for you to receive the refund. Give them a week (inclusive of checking the returned item). You can read more here:

  • Mae Narciso

    saka wla nako acess sa ead ko sa tgal ko d naopen nkalmtan ko na pasword. ni d man lang nla ko twagan

    • Raz

      Hi Mae, nagreply na po ako sa first comment mo, as addition, you should have provide a working email address, as everything about your order and current status of returns are sent to the e-mail address you provided. Di po natin maeexpect na tawagan ka ng Lazada, sa e-mail sila talaga nakikipag-usap sa customer. Yung phone number na binigay mo sa kanila is only for easy contact for delivery. One thing you can do now is log-in to your account (I think you have not created one, tama ba?) or follow up your concern here: Provide the details, especially the order number and a working e-mail address.

      • Mae Narciso

        upon tracking forwarded na dw sa lazada, hw wil i notify them na iba na gamit ko gmail

        • Raz

          If it is only forwarded to Lazada, it is not received yet. Kung yung status po is Received at SC Returns, that means po na natanggap palang sa return hub yung item.

          Makakatanggap ka din usually ng text message from Lazada na na-received na nila yung return (gaya pag nagorder ka at kung magdedeliver na ang LEX), you can inform them about your e-mail address change gamit yung contact form link na nasa comment ko.

          • Mae Narciso

            rceivd na dw sa sc returns forwded to lazada in transit dw

          • Raz

            Your item is not received yet by Lazada. Maybe today po is nasa Lazada na siya.

          • Mae Narciso

            my chance naman na makpgrdund ako? syang dn un 5k un

          • Raz

            Yes Mae, marerefund po iyon. Don’t worry too much on reading other blogs na hindi daw sila makapagrefund, that was years back. Lazada greatly improve, tamang conversation lang and make sure the item is in good condition, everything will be fine. May I know kung COD ba ang gamit mo for payment?

          • Mae Narciso

            yes evrytym mgordr ako i always mke it a point na cod lgi twice na kc aq nascam

          • Raz

            Okay, your refund will be faster to process then. Inform niyo nalang din po via contact form na you prefer your remittance thru LBC.

          • Mae Narciso

            first tym ko mgrturn ordr at mgrfund nung mgfilup ako form for rturn order nailgy ko bnk 2 bnk transfr, sb ng aswa ko lbc nlng dw pnu kaya un

          • Mae Narciso

            b4 xmas naman cgro rfunded na po noh?

  • al13326

    Naibalik ko na yung maling product na na-received ko sa Lazada at nasa akin na din yung remittance number, pero may validity period ng 7 araw. Paano Kung lumampas na sa itinakdang araw at hindi ko pa nakukuha yung pera, mawawala na lang ba yon?

  • sharon faye yap

    hi san po mkita email message from lazada?i cant find it in my account po kc

    • Raz

      Hi Sharon, nagreply na ako dun sa isang post. Pakicheck nalang yung comment ko doon. Thanks.

  • Leonel Villaver Allego

    Didn’t get my refund on sending item back
    I have purchase more items on them. Bad experience on refunding and getting my money back. OVER ALL there cruel at CUSTOMER! just shot them down PLEASE!

    • Raz

      Hi Leonel, sorry to hear that. can you please tell more about it? I have returned some of my items purchased on Lazada. They send replacement with no other questions. One item is purchased via Credit Card (the item comes from abroad too) and I encountered no hassle on getting the payment back (refunded to my bank, a recent purchase). Thank you.