Zalora PH Shopping Review: A First Time Buyer Experience

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the refund policy of Lazada Philippines. Since I already bought a number of items from them for the past 12 months, I can say that I am one of their regular shoppers. Lazada gives a big bunch of offerings that covers almost anything that you could think of buying in an online or a physical store. However, the clothing line, shoes, bags, and sport accessories seems lacking a bit for me. That’s where Zalora, Lazada’s sister apparel company entered the scenario.

For the past two years, I am using a Bench lightweight backpack that only cost me about P500 pesos. I really love this backpack and I always use it when I’m out to somewhere. It suits me well but as what they say, everything comes to an end. This backpack had undergone some hand sewing repairs because of heavy use (I even carry my 14″ laptop with this bag sometimes). Last week, a passenger in a bus station told me “Kuya, bukas ang bag mo.” I am unaware of this and discovered that the zipper of my favorite bag was oh well, can’t hold it anymore Haha. In short, it is starting to tear. My mother told me that I should buy a new one because I am risking my stuffs when I’m on travel. Because I am currently out of work and reviewing, my mom gave me P1000 to buy a new bag. Going in a mall, we checked some stores nearby but I can’t find anything that suits my taste. I am lazy to go to other shops and decided to go home instead. Checking my favorite online store, I find a bag that looks cool but I am not sure with the quality of the brand. Like what I say, there are few backpack bag options offered by Lazada. This is the thin line between Lazada and Zalora, as what I can see, Lazada tries to be an all-in-one stop but still limits the offering for fashion/apparel items to emphasize Zalora as the right destination for such.

My First Shopping Experience at Zalora

This review will contain some comparison of Lazada and Zalora’s service.

April 16. Today, I visited the website of Zalora Philippines and found out that they offer more choices among different brands. I chose a Monopack Backpack by Hawk that costs P999.75. Since I am a newcomer to Zalora, I was given a welcome voucher worth P250. The voucher could be use within 7 days with a minimum purchase of P1000. Oops! I am 25 centavos under the requirement! Of course, Zalora (and other stores too, whether online or physical) would cleverly price their items in this way for customers to check out other items and buy it to avail for the minimum spend require by the voucher. I added a 3-in-1 casual black socks by EXPED in my order. Added the welcome voucher during checkout, the total amount to be paid is P1,009.75. Like Lazada, Zalora also offers a hassle-free Cash on Delivery as a method of payment. They also offer a free shipping service for orders P995 and above. I received a confirmation through a text message and e-mail reminding me that  I should prepare the exact amount for the courier.

April 18. The items I ordered arrived after 2 days at our place. I was informed that it was shipped on the same day I ordered it and been already out for delivery yesterday by LBC. Due to an unknown reason, the shipment didn’t arrive yesterday and the status of my order in the tracking tool is “PEN – NO PAYMENT”. This is not the first time I encountered this status code because it happened once with one of our orders from Lazada. As expected, the items arrived earlier than what is stated on the website. I am not surprised because I normally get my orders within 1-3 days from the date of checkout. 5 days maximum by LBC and the worst of almost 2 weeks by 2GO. I am in a slightly provincial area (Tarlac). That could explain why I normally get my orders earlier from the time frame indicated.


Unlike Lazada that uses LBC’s trans pack, Zalora uses their own packaging for their shipments. That feels and appears so good that Zalora makes personal touches for what they sell. What I like the most is that they make you feel that the item is really dedicated to you (Yes. Indeed.) by indicating your name in the tamper sticker:

Zalora Tamper Sticker

That’s so sweet! Haha. For a comparison, here’s what a typical order from Lazada looks like:

LBC Lazada Typical Packaging

The item above is from Lazada. It arrived together with our order from Zalora. Both orders were done on the same day (April 16.). It is a very cute electric water kettle. 🙂 No photos of it for this post. 😛

Actually, I do not know why there is a huge difference in terms of packaging of Zalora compared with Lazada, given that both of the online store is under Rocket Internet SE.

Update (Sept): Lazada started using their own cool black packaging on almost all of the shipments done as of now.

Opening the packaging reveals the items I ordered together with a mysterious black envelope. At first, I thought it was a gift card or something else from them. But then, I figured out that it contains the Invoice and a Return Form. Thumbs up for the stylish yet professional presentation!

Zalora Items

Zalora Black Envelope

So what can I say? Perfect!

Note: I am not yet to test their return policy since I do not have any reason to return my Hawk bag since I am satisfied in how it looks. 😛 For the socks, it is a non-returnable item. Don’t ask me for the reason why it isn’t accepted! Go, maintain personal hygiene. 😀


Zalora’s Key Services

  • Very good product details & information page
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Free shipping for orders P995 and above
  • 30-day free return policy for all items except undergarments, swimwear and beauty products
  • Personal touch in item’s packaging

Zalora’s major advantages above Lazada is their 30-day return policy, many choice of courier (Air21, 2GO, JRS and LBC) for item return and a personal touch for the package they send to their customers. As the title says, Zalora is an online fashion destination. Zalora doesn’t offer general merchandise, appliances, gadgets, and the like. You may found some gadget accessories in their website, but it is very minimal. Check out their offerings here.


Updated. I am really happy with Zalora’s service so I signed up to their Brand Ambassador Program (BAP). I would like you to know as my reader that you can get 15% off on your first purchase on Zalora by using my BAP code: ZBAPZS6T. There is no minimum purchase required by using this voucher. In return, I will get a commission from your purchase when you decide to get 15% off on your order using the said code. I will never add any amount on top of your purchase with Zalora since I can not do such thing! And even if I can, I will not do it. Enjoy. 😀

zalora-bap-15-offBrand Ambassador Promotion: Discount code is for new customers only.

  • Aaron Corcuera

    Sir what can i do with the “pen – No Payment” status of my Cash on Delivery order from lazada,(shipped by LBC) ? I don’t have any idea on what to do, will i ever get my package ?,

    • Raz

      Hi Aaron! I encountered that status few times already but it is with Lazada and LBC. Your package will reach you after a day or two (courier delivery days, for LBC, except Sunday). It is just the inability of the courier (LBC) to deliver your package that day when it has been out for delivery. Probably because your location is too far from other packages that needs to be delivered that day and it is not practical for the courier to pursue the delivery. No worries, you will get your package soon. Cheers! 🙂

      • Aaron Corcuera

        Well, I contacted them and tell them that i need the package today but again, there was no sign of them. I am really disappointed with LBC. I hope LAZADA can find new partner with their business. Shame on LBC.

        • Raz

          This is one of the disavantages of online shopping, it is not guaranteed that your item will arrive in the time you need it. In case with Lazada, if it is still within the given/expected delivery date range, you can’t argue that you badly need the package ASAP. Sounds a bit inconvenient right? But, I am still ordering online. Haha. 🙂

          • Aaron Corcuera

            I guess we just have to deal with it.

          • Raz

            Yes. Did your order arrived already? 🙂

          • Aaron Corcuera

            Yup, I received it yesterday. They made it exactly 10days for the package to be delivered. I just got a little panicked when i saw the “pen – no payment” status on their site. I don’t want my order to return to the origin. Just a little worried there 😀

          • Raz

            That’s nice to hear Aaron! But 10 days is a bit long! Yeah, sometimes I get pissed off seeing that status especially when I badly needed to see and use the item I ordered. Haha. Well, Di ka nag-iisa na nagpanic noong nakita ang status na yan, I contacted LBC right away when I first experience it.

            Yay! Ngayon ko lang napansin na we are talking about Lazada. Since this post is about Zalora, I presumed na about Zalora yung issue mo. Lazada pala simula una yung sinasabi mo, Haha. Sorry.

  • Ryle Dollentas

    At first natuwa ako sa zalora… They deliver my shoes after 2 days… At kaya nga lagi na ako bumibili sa kanila… I have not experience any problem with ordering and deliver .. Siguro dahil COD. Then may naorder ako na shoe na medyo maliit sa akin. So i immediately process an exchange sa mas malaki sa shoes na naorder ko… I received a date for a pick up… Tapos nung dumaring yung araw na iyon… Wlang dumating. . I tried to call them wlang sumasagot… Nag email ako… May na received ako na reply na may tatawag daw sa akin within 24 hours .. Natapos ang 24 hours… Nagemail uli ako… They send me the same email… Up to now wala pa rin… Nakakapagod.
    I will never order from them ever again… And i will push a campaign for people to stop or never buy from them ever. Nakakalungkot lang at bobo sila sa customer service… Better to wait for your rest day ay bumili na lang sa mall!

    • Raz

      Hi Ryle! I am sorry to hear that from a Zalora customer that was happy before with its service. Well, in my case. I had ordered different items from them, from bags, pants, shoes, shirts, etc and I haven’t yet encountered any problem even if some of my orders were not COD. Just last week, I had returned an item to them because the fit is too small for me. They immediately process my refund and the paid amount was credited back to my account after a day they had received my return.

      Maybe this is a problem with the courier. I guess, it is 2GO? I had experienced problems with the said courier before (with Lazada, that time) but lately, I had noticed that services of 2GO greatly improved.

      May I know since when is your transaction pending? Did they gave you any tracking info for the exchange item?

      • Riz Liwanag

        Legit ba mga Jordans?

  • histrionicdeity

    Hi! How long did you receive your commission payout as BAP? Thanks! 🙂

    • Raz

      Hi! Usually, it will take about two weeks before I can get a voucher code (since I only ask for store credit). There is also a time that I got it as fast as 1 week. Commissions should be processed within 15 business days as per Zalora.

  • Claudette Santos

    Hi. How many hours do they verify credit card payments? My bank charged me the cost of the shoes that I ordered but according to Zalora, my payment status is still on payment pending. Thanks.

    • Raz

      Hi Claudette, sorry for replying only now. Regarding that, I am afraid I can’t help you as I always pay via COD. Did your transaction went fine now?

  • Rhenz Lardizabal

    Guys i need your help! Nag order kasi ako ng mga damit sa zalora via master card ang payment, Na charge narin ako ng bank ko pero bakit ganun. diba usually nag memessge sa yahoo ang zalora for the confirmation? Pero bakit sakin wala.. When i open the order tracking ang nakalagay lang “order receiving” -____-

    • Raz

      Hi Rhenz! Kailan pa yung order mo? Please contact Zalora about this through . Baka may problem sa payment system.

      • Rhenz Lardizabal

        Kahalon lang din. Diba usually nag sesend sila ng message sa yahoo. Sakin walang minemessage pero na deduct na sa account ko ung item. Nag message nko sa zalora pero d pa sila sumasagot

        • Raz

          Oo dapat makakareceive ka nga ng confirmation. Naexperience ko naman yan nung ayaw ko sanang magCOD, ginamit ko Paypal ko. Kaso di nagproceed ang transaction. Though di ako nacharge that time.

          • Rhenz Lardizabal

            Order receiving lang ang nakalagay eh. Hays

          • Louieboy242000

            this usually happens sa yahoo email as spam or yahoo mail blocked your email. you can contact them via email mabilis yan mag si reply and use their contact us form sa website trust me they can make it work for you. I am their ex CS Head 🙂

  • andrea_13

    Hi! Thanks for this post! It’s very timely. Yesterday, I was just informed by my fellow classmate about Zalora’s improved services and now I am very eager to purchase from them. 🙂

    • Raz

      Thanks Andrea! Indeed, Zalora’s services has improved greatly. I am very pleased as I haven’t encountered any problem with the past 12 months of monthly orders I had with them. Return processing is also fast and prompt if you don’t like the item you received/ordered, whatever your reason is. But check the warranty policy though, others are non-returnable. 😀

  • Rie

    Hi. Thanks for the very informative review and comparison of the two: Lazada and Zalora. I too have been ordering Lazada items and have not tried Zalora yet.

    I’m on Zalora now on a separate tab, looking up on bags – hesitating as to whether to try ordering or not since I haven’t heard anyone I know order at Zalora. So I searched up reviews, and coming across yours is very much helpful. At least I get to have an idea 🙂

    • Raz

      You’re welcome Rie! I hope you’ll be satsfied with your order from Zalora ( I assume you already placed one. :-D)

  • Anne Ruth

    Hello. Someone gave me a pair of shoes as a gift from Zalora but they aren’t my size so I had to return it. I requested for pick-up today already so I checked the progress right after under the returns page on the site but it shows that there’s no order yet but I clearly did requested for a pick-up 🙁 so I tried to request again pero hindi na pwede kasi naka request na ako tapos ayun, chineck ko ulit under returns, wala parin huhu. Also, tatanggapin ba ng zalora for return if nasakin naman lahat except yung plastic ng Zalora kasi iniba wrapping ng friend ko eh 🙁 thank you po

    • Raz

      Hello Anne! Just go to the nearest LBC/2Go and initiate a return po. Fill up the return slip accompanied by your order. Kung plastic lang naman ng zalora, okay lang basta intact lahat ng packaging nung item.

      Anyway, Pickup is available for limited areas only, make sure your area is covered.

      • Anne Ruth

        Thank you so much! I tried Pickup and the day after, Kuya already went here to get my exchange. 🙂

  • Yunikko Viray

    I’m thinking to order a perfume from Zalora but I’m not sure if the product is legit since it has a very low offer than malls. I doubt if they are just selling a tester for that perfume.

    • Raz

      Hi. I haven’t tried ordering one. Anyway, i think It won’t hurt if you’ll try atleast once. Then figure it out if it is legit. 🙂

  • A girl is no one

    Is it okay for me to buy a CASIO Digital watch at Zalora? I’m not sure if the product is legit because of it’s low price..

    • Raz

      Hi. I haven’t tried ordering a watch from zalora so I can’t say anything much about this. Check out the seller if it directly sold by Casio.

  • Ian

    Thank you for posting a review about the website and their order process. How was the quality of the bag? Are you still using it till this day? I’m thinking of buying a bag as well, but I am afraid they might give me a low quality kind of bag in contrast to what they are showing on their website.

    • Raz

      Yes, I am still using it Ian. 🙂

      Just be wise on picking the brand of the bag you like. Zalora sells authentic items. Atleast those that are directly sold by them.

  • De Jesus Psychristo

    can we buy directly to their main office in taguig the fort?

    • Raz

      No, as far as I know. Zalora is an online store only. It doesn’t have any botique or shop for walk-in customers.

  • Ar Thur

    Cash on delivery?

    • Raz

      yes Arthur.

  • kozayn sine

    maganda ba ang quality ng kanilng mga damit?

    • Raz

      Hi Kozayne! I’m choosing the brands I usually buy po sa Zalora at original items naman ang narereceive ko. Regarding po sa Zalora branded items, you get what you pay for. Kapag mababa masyado ang presyo, don’t expect the same quality when compared to expensive ones. But many of them are in good quality, especially those that have a reasonable price.

  • mariecelle

    Hi Raz! I just ordered shoes from Zalora three days ago and got them two days after. I just want to ask you about the prices of shoes and bags from Zalora and the ones from the malls/physical stores. How much does Zalora charge? Are the prices from Zalora the same as with those from the physical stores? Any idea? Thanks.

    • Raz

      Hi Mariecelle, sorry for a terribly late response. The pricing greatly varies by item. Some are cheaper (especially when on sale, of course) than the prices of the same item/s found in malls/physical stores. So, I can’t really come into a general answer. Also, Zalora has their own “brand” already, mostly these are the items that goes on sale and cheaper most of the time.

  • Jon Carter

    Legit po ba yung mga fragrance sa Zalora? Dami kasing replica sa Lazada e.

  • Riz Liwanag

    Sir Legit ba mga Jordans?

  • Rose

    Nag order po sana ako ng nike shoes po..pero di na po ako maka proceed sa checkout process bakit kaya?

    • Raz

      Hi Rose, ano pong error ang lumalabas?

  • Dayanara Domingo

    This has nothing against the delivery of the item but a review for a bad experience to a specific seller/ brand here in Zalora. I bought a ballet flats from Louibelle Collection. Sa pic it looks comfy and super nice then when the item arrived, medyo disappointed ako sa hitsura. Nasabi ko nga sa sarili ko mas ok pa sa divi na lang ako bumili. But seriously, wala man lang magandang packaging to think na ang expensive ng shoes nila at cost of P599 (P799 is the original price). First time ko sinuot yung binili ko sakit agad ng paa ko. Paltos kung paltos. Akala ko sa una lang kasi bago pa then sinunod sunod ko ang pagsuot para masanay paa ko baka di na mamaltos, until now ganun padin puro paltos padin paa ko. Tapos medyo sira na yung sapatos. Di reasonable yung price nila!!! Medyo low quality ang shoes. Sana iimprove ng LOUIBELLE COLLECTION ang products nila. Customers are willing to pay for a high-cost even if hindi kilala yung brand kasi we just want to use the product/s comfortably pero kung nagbayad na nga ng mahal di pa maganda quality ng produkto di na uulit customers nyo.

    • Raz

      Thank you for sharing your experience Dayanara! Yes, agree ako na yung ibang items sa Zalora is not at par sa quality compared to others na mabibili mo sa same price range. I guess it applies on all stores naman, talagang may brand na hindi ganon kaganda ang quality kaya dapat wise tayong mga consumer sa pamimili. That’s why Zalora provided a 30-day money back and return policy. Kung sa una palang, ang tingin natin sa item ay hindi maganda ang quality, better return it immediately at pumili nalang ng iba. I did this already sa isang jacket na inorder ko na hindi naman pala maganda ang material. I got my money back after few days.