Where did Green Spidey Go?

Where did Green Spidey Go

If you will notice, I am not using the Green Spidey alias anymore. This is a part of choosing a path where this blog is going to be directed. Before, I wanted to appear anonymous when someone visited my blog and soon find out who really I am if they wonder about the alias. Now, I think using my real name is a better go if I am planning to stay longer in the blogosphere. Who wants to deal with a childish cartoon-like character named Green Spidey? It sounds like just a kiddy stuff.

Blog Plans

I planned SpideyLab to be a personal blog. Some of the personal blogs I’d seen even use their own name in their blog URLs. I can’t do that even if I like to. My name is too hard to spell and remember. Imagine typing http://razonielbernardino.com in the address bar. It is too long and totally uncatchy. Well, one of the price of having a real unique name. Maybe I can use it soon as a portfolio or anything that is about serious business.


I am inspired by Filipino (as well as Foreign) blogs that became very successful in their chosen blog preferences. I idolized them and religiously follow their blog posts even before this blog exist. One of my recent discovery is DG Manila. David Guison launched DGManila in 2009. It is mainly a style blog. Maybe you do already know David Guison (Since he appear to be an idol and an artist) but I do not know anything about him before I accidentally browse through his blog. Abe Olandres of Yugatech, the leading tech blogger here in the Philippines is another one that I frequently visit. Yugatech is around for more than a decade now. Abe uses his nickname Yuga as a part of the blog url. It is nice to know that Yuga is also a Chemistry graduate. Other bloggers like Daniel Gubalane of Pinoy Technoguide, Ferdz Decena of Ferdzview and TJ Panganiban of TJs Daily also opted to use their nicknames in their blog addresses. Daniel has a dedicated personal page that can be access by typing his full name. Ferdz also did it to separate his personal travel and style blog with his tech and review blog. Victor Basa uses his artist name on his personal blog. That is very catchy since he’s already a well known figure. Helga of Ditz-Revolution chose to use an unrelated blog url. Same as with my blog. Well, maybe Spidey will be my new nickname? Haha. I still prefer Raz. Angel of Lakwatsero travel blog opted to use Lakwatsero as his alias. However, his real name is well-indicated on the sidebar of his blog. I joined Nuffnang recently and I discovered more bloggers that offer various content in their respective blogs. Blogging is a real way of freedom to express who you are. Now, I see the difference between social media as microblogging and real blogging.


If I’ll continue to blog in the future, there is a real huge step to go to even compare to the little fingers of the aforementioned bloggers. I will be telling a lie if I will say that I am not dreaming to be like one of them. Who doesn’t want their blog to be successful? For now, blogging is just my hobby. It makes me feel good and satisfied.

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