Formulated in Bytes


It is fun as well as a headache managing a blog. I find my knowledge to be outrageously inadequate. Haha! Oh well, I’m still at the stage of confusion what is the path I really wanted for this new adventure. Anyway, I think I’ll be learning more in the next days, weeks, years, and decades? As what they say, learning doesn’t stop. If you want to stop learning, then you should die! Just kidding!

What is this “Formulated in Bytes” blog post all about? It is all about the new tagline of my blog! Here’s the story. Hey! Don’t be mad at me if I am always mysteriously transforming into a story teller. Who doesn’t love stories anyway? I can hardly fall asleep last night. I’m watching TV all night and this Banana Split gagshow that I rarely watch e “pinanood ko”. This show is being aired by ABS CBN. The program has ended and still, no signs of getting sleepy. So, I decided to check my blog instead. I think I am becoming obsessed checking my page every time! I wasn’t expecting any massive changes or comments since this is just new but I can’t resist the urge to view it over and over again. Whoa?!! Am I getting a syndrome? Does a Webpage Reload syndrome exists? Haha. Let’s not talk about it. I do not want to know If I’m positive. Oops! This is not HIV testing or what! I am negative on that. 😀 Visiting my blog page, I stared at it for a few seconds. I asked myself. Is this too simple or has too much kaartehan? I do not know the answer. I had change the theme and tweaked them many times because of this question. I inspected the whole page and noticed that the header is just a plain blog title and my menu. It is okay but what if I add a logo? I conceptualized it that night and arrived with the final concept this morning. is the logo I made for my blog. It just uses two colors, a lovely green and black. I kept the design as minimalistic as possible so that it wouldn’t appear crowded when scaled. Also,  I chose a readable font for the title and a handwritten-like style for the tagline so that it will look crafty. What are your thoughts about it?

The new tagline “Formulated in Bytes” is a drastic change from my baduy tagline “The Ultimate Hub of Spidey Thingies.” I am literally laughing now about that tagline. It is so barrbarriotic phrase. I hate myself using that tagline when I launch this blog. Enough of that. Haha.

This new tagline is a mix and match of both worlds. I have seen a bunch of meanings with it.

First, since I am a soon to be chemist by profession (Ahem. I should be.), I love to use chem terms. It is formula. Wait. It sounds like mathematics. Lol. Next, as a frustrated IT mammal, the first word I deem is the word “bytes”. It is the bytes in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes and every byte. It is a binary code composed of 8 alternating 1 and 0. That’s so awesome that this world of technology is a massive pile of 010100011000111100… digits. Yet, there are so many possible things this binary code can create!

It really complement well with my blog title. Spidey as world wide “web”; spidey as strong senses; spidey as myself :-P. Lab as where you formulate; as where something is being investigated, process and made! To formulate in bytes is so much fun, right? Well, that phrase seems to be senseless for some but I had found the sense in it. Lol. Imagine huge data centers transcribing billions of bytes everyday to serve our needs. Whether you post in social media, do a research, read news, enrol in a semester class, buy something in your local store – bytes do serve you very very well. I remember my mistake with Atomophile again (Read the story). So lovely, yet a melodramatic blog title. Loving the atoms. Where did I get that idea in the first place. -_-

Can you read binaries? The featured image above has them. 🙂

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