New Lazada PH Experience: Cancellation and Replacement


I’ve been a regular shopper of Lazada Philippines. I already tried buying gadget accessories, computer peripherals, fashion items, household, garden, and kitchen appliances. Indeed, these are multiple nice stuffs in multiple transactions. Lazada never failed to impress.  But, does Lazada always provide good service?

To begin with, I will be recapping some of the valuable blog posts related with Lazada.

Quick Recap

I comprehensively reviewed the Pineng PN-999 20,000mAh Power Bank two months ago. This power bank is one of the great purchases I had with Lazada. To check out this review, go to Pineng PN-999 Powerbank Review. Prior to this deal, I successfully managed returning an item (and quickly getting a refund) that is still a gadget accessory, the LeYou 16800mAh Power bank. In fact, this transaction is the one that pushed me to create a blog post about Lazada Philippines Return Policy.

A brief comparison of the service provided by Zalora and Lazada can be found on this post: Zalora Philippines Online Fashion Store.

The Story

A college friend of mine reached me out and asked me on how to place an order with Lazada. She also wanted to buy the Pineng powerbank I reviewed in this blog. It is so nice to hear that someone was convinced to buy a product because you did a thorough review of it. In fact, the said review post is still the most viewed post here in my personal blog garnering more than 1,200 views in the past two months. It is a double achievement – as I helped/convinced someone to buy a really good product as well as knowing that what I had posted is being valued. These things are really important for a blogger, especially for me that I just started this blogging adventure.

Order Cancellation

Unfortunately, she didn’t easily get the order process as it was her first time. Instead, I placed an order using my account and addressed the order of two(2) Pineng Power bank unit to her place. However,  ten days had passed but there are no shipping notice from Lazada. On the next day, the order was marked  as cancelled. The primary reason is that the said items can not be resource. Maybe because there is a high demand for the power bank. Lazada sent a coupon code worth P200.00 to my e-mail, a compensation for the inconvenience the event had caused.

Below is the e-mail message from Lazada Philippines:

This is the first time I received a compensation voucher from the online company. This is one of the efforts being done by Lazada to enrich customer experience. However, not all of us will “bite the bait”. What I mean is that, they should advise at a much earlier time that there are problems acquiring the item you ordered from the merchant. Nonetheless, I am thankful that they give a P200 “pampalubag-loob” voucher.

Using the Sincerity Voucher

At first, I do not really think that I will be using the said voucher as I do not have any plan to buy from them. In the fact that, I just ordered an ample number of items simultaneously with my friend’s order.  However, one day, I visited the website and saw interesting deals. Actually, I am slightly turned off since one of the items I bought a week ago was on sale. 🙁 Oh well. That’s life! You can’t always get lucky!

I placed an order of just a plain pink shirt. Yeah. Pink shirt. I am eager to have one that very moment. But, right after checking out via PayPal, my mind changed. Haha. I didn’t continue paying for it. Here comes the problem. There is no way to cancel the order via the website UI as it was already placed and being processed. The voucher code was already used and can not be applied on any item I tried. I emailed the customer service of Lazada and after 2-3 hours, the “eagered” order was cancelled and the sincerity voucher was reactivated.

I ended buying a pair of Penshoppe sneakers that is at 50% off. I chose Paypal as payment mode. Why? I like to try another payment method since I always choose Cash On Delivery (COD). 😀

In my first post, Lazada PH Shopping Experience & Review, I mentioned that COD is the best choice as the mode of payment – especially if you are a first time buyer. Ive been confident with Lazada with my past transactions so I decided to use PayPal this time.

Order Arrival

The item arrived after a week. Right after opening it, I had this feeling that I will be returning it. Not because the item has low quality or something. It is because the shoes are too large for me! I forgot that Penshoppe has larger sizes compared to other brands. Not only Penshoppe shoes but the clothing line as well. I started a return request that night and shipped the item back to Lazada warehouse few days after.

Advise for buyers: This is important if you plan to return an item. You should immediately contact Lazada and inform them about the situation. If you are in doubt about the item you received and plan to try the item’s performance (if it is a gadget or something), you can do so. Be reminded that clothing and other stuffs should be “unused” to qualify for return. May mga pilosopo na paano daw malalaman kung di muna gagamitin. Of course, if the item is a T-shirt, you can fit it. Then decide if you will opt for another size. You should not wear it all day with the price tag still attached then return it. Be hygienic! Oops, underwear and the like has no warranty. They can’t be returned for the same reason.


It took two days for the returned item to reach Lazada. As usual, Lazada informed me via text and e-mail that the item was received and is undergoing quality verification. I expected that it will take about 2 days for the said process but it only took few hours before Lazada informed me that a new order number is being processed for the replacement item. This time, there is no order number visible in my account. Lazada clarified that I can’t track the order like I do before because they are the ones that placed it. Instead, I monitored my email and phone for order updates.

As expected, the replacement item arrived after about a week (counting the shipping period of the returned item). This time, the shoes fits me well. I am happy with my purchase. I am surprised that LBC do deliveries even during a regular holiday (Eid al-Fitr) not mentioning that there are heavy rains pouring on Central Luzon the whole week.

Unexpected Voucher Again

I mentioned earlier that I decided to buy a pair of shoes instead of a pink shirt. For Lazada, what I encountered is a technical glitch/limitation of their payment system. As there is no way to cancel the order or continue paying for it once you accidentally close the browser window during payment. In return, I received an email from a Lazada CSR titled “Here’s your voucher”. I am confused what that means. Opening the mail, I discovered that they sent me a new P200 voucher as a compensation for the inconvenience I encountered. It makes me smile. Lazada is really sincere on providing their customer a good service. It is not the amount they are giving for free but it is the effort and awareness that counts.

Noted: I deleted the voucher code in the message above. Hindi ko pa kasi nagagamit e. Baka maisipan kong gamitin bago mag-expire. Haha.

From ₱ 299.00

I tired placing an order (with the same items) for my friend again and this time, the items were delivered to her place via Lazada Express COD.

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