Stressful Days

Stressful Days

I haven’t posted an article for almost a week now. It is because I am doing what I had promised to myself few weeks ago. It is to focus on reviewing for the upcoming examination. Yeah. Focus. Focus. Yes. It is true that blogging seems to interfere and splits up my attention between things. But, focusing on only one thing does not fail me to put on a stressful day condition. Got an unusual LBM today that ruined my life the whole day – spending a large chunk of the daytime inside the comfort room! This is so annoying. Having mouth sores, headache, no appetite and occasional vomiting joined this very uncomfortable feeling. I do not know why blogging, reading articles, and/or browsing other internet stuffs just do healing wonders on my current state. Watching movies doesn’t help either! Am I having a disorder?

Maybe what I did last night triggered this “stress” thing. I took a GRE Chemistry Exam thinking that I can already get good scores. But still, I am wrong. -_-

Well. Whatever the answer is. I guess I should take a break. And that break starts tonight. 😀

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