Vitamilk Choco Shake Madness: A Healthy & Yummy Review

Vitamilk Soy

It’s been awhile after I started drinking this brownish liquid thing. The yummy taste easily got my taste buds dancing when I first tasted Vitamilk Choco Shake. Vitamilk Soya Drink is a drink made from soy (Well, that’s not obvious. :-P). It is originally manufactured in Thailand but it is now across the globe – from Asia, US, Europe and Africa. Vitamilk is an excellent source of high quality protein that is beneficial for your health whether your young or old. It has 4 flavors: Vanilla (Regular), Choco Shake, Energy and Double Choco Shake. The Vanilla, Choco Shake and Double Choco Shake were the flavors I tried and what I like the most is the Choco Shake Flavor. In fact, I am able to collect dozens of bottles of this flavor in our stock room. 😀 (Scroll for evidence.) Yes. You can say I am certified Vitamilk addict! Drinking a bottle in one straight is effortless and very easy for me. Why? Because it has a very rich taste.


Vitamilk Healthy Discovery

Before this discovery, I personally do not like soya or soy milk because they really taste bad for me. But, I like eating other soy products like taho and tokwa (tofu). In fact, you may easily caught me and my mother shouting “Taho!” when we saw a taho vendor in the street. I tried other soy milk products too but those forced me to dump the bottle because I do not like the taste and can hardly do another sip again. Soy milk products were known as an alternative for people who don’t have the ability to digest a regular cow’s milk because they lack the digestive enzyme called lactase. Most of these people are Asians. This condition is called lactose intolerance. Well, I might be just lucky not to be one of those (but not sooner. I hope so.)

Lactose intolerance is most common among Asians, affecting about 90% of a common adult community.

Prior to my addiction to Vitamilk, I am a cow’s milk-grown mammal. Since birth, I was not able to drink my mother’s milk because  as what they told me, I always throw-up when my mother attempts to feed me that way. So, the story goes on. I had been able to drink many milk products. In fact, I am a Lactum 6+ lover until high school. Haha! O sorry, it is just the truth. For a child’s sake, I stopped drinking Lactum when I’ve been admitted to college and drink a regular Alaska mik instead. 😛 A banana and a glass a of milk. That’s the way to go to my merienda everyday! Despite of this babyish fact of me, I am still thin and have a lightweight body. Typically, as what a nutritionist say, I am underweight (But not severe!). I am thinking if it is because of my genes or it is just I do not eat enough. People who have a body like me are called ectomorph. Whatever we eat is easily flushed out of our body – a fast metabolism. I have done numerous research for what to eat and what to do. These researches suggest eating more (I can not do because I just throw up), build muscles (I am asthmatic. Can’t do strength activities), and others. You might say that I am just making alibis. You are somewhat correct. Haha. So, how do I discovered Vitamilk? An article suggested consuming soy products becaus they are rich in protein. Proteins are the ones who are in charge of building muscles and thus, gaining muscle/lean weight. In fact, proteins are also the enzymes that catalyze process in our body. I can’t remember where I had bought my first bottle of Vitamilk but probably, it is in a 7-eleven store. After that, I fell in love with it. Want a proof? Here:


The image above shows boxes containing Vitamilk bottles. Maybe you are curious why they do have sand in them. These bottles are being prepared for future use in our yard garden as a barrier for plants.

I am drinking Vitamilk for about a year now and it seems that it has effects on my weight. Not that much, but it is good – considering that last year has been a both a happy and stressful year for me (I do not consider it bad ofcourse). Vitamilk s a healthy and yummy drink. It is also the way to go when I am in rush because it makes me full easily.


If you are not yet a Vitamilk drinker, I suggest get a bottle and try it out! It is being retailed for a price of P23 (the lowest price I’ve found so far and as high as P28 (in convenience stores.) You may want to start trying the regular flavor first but personally, the choco shake flavor is the way to go if you already tried soymilk products before. The yummy taste is prominent compared to other products.

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