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Blog Disaster: Choopa-Vultr (Network Panda) Server Outage

Thanks for the words you just shared Hans.

I believe they just use a VPS package, make it work then use it for shared hosting. Since Vultr is mainly a VPS provider. Am I right? I have very limited knowledge about this but it is how I see it. That’s where they get the “We manage our servers” thing.

Well then, if I got terminated, then they should be ready for a new article to go online few hours after. That article may not be somehow “still positive” unlike this one. I just blog what I really feel and regarding with their service, I am not being biased and I am weighing things equally.

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 27, 2015 @ 8:35 pm

I myself had read those you mentioned before signing up with Network Panda. Yes. The prices are insanely cheap that really makes me wonder how they do it considering that they use Paypal and they even accept 1 month billing. A good chunk of the money will just go to Paypal fees! It is like so good to be true. But, I still decided to risk a few dollars and signed up to the service because that time I am only using a free host and this very cheap service will be a nice testing field for me. It was a testing purpose only then. But, Until now this site is still hosted by them (I guess, the test is not done yet. :-P).

So, why did I decided to try their service? The domain was registered on 2011 (but they claim that they offer hosting service before, but only locally) and has nameserver history recorded in mid 2012. Many cheap hosters do not last for a year (I am not saying this is an enough gauge).

Regarding the uptime issue stated by a WHT member, maybe its true that time but I do not yet encounter the same thing. Like what I say, the issue with Choopa/Vultr is the only downtime (major) I encountered so far, with some 1 min downtime recorded somewhere in July. I do not have proof to show you since I reset the monitor when I’ve been transferred to another server.

For me, I do not currently run something that serious that I still decide to give them a chance. But when this blog grows, pretty sure I will look for another service as I deem to be needed. And, just to add, recently I found more hosts that offers almost the same price with Network Panda. And they were also doing the business for even a longer time.

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 27, 2015 @ 6:26 pm

Maybe that 2-minute span is the notification of termination and the notice/warning for termination happened 2 days beforehand. This time frame will be sufficient for Vultr to just terminate the account. Of course, Network Panda will not tell their customers they do not take action of securing backups (or moving all the sites) to other provider despite of knowing this. They will not also tell the customer that they secure backups on the same server/provider either. MAYBE. That will make more customers run away from them and probably ask for refunds.

It is hard to judge any party about this since this is also not the first instance wherein Vultr is involved in such customer service practice. They are reported to terminate accounts without any more negotiation to the owner. I guess they strictly adhere to their TOS without any consideration for the client’s side. Also, there is also a host that have numerous servers down on the time of Network Panda’s disastrous event. I do not know if they are just simply connected with each other with the same provider or it just coincidentally happened.

I am only speaking as a regular hosting consumer and thus, these are only my personal insights. I hope the clients, Network panda and Vultr learned through this.

I am wondering if you are also a client of Network Panda? Or Vultr perhaps?

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 27, 2015 @ 8:01 am

Hi Hands, thanks for the input. I am surprised too with how Network Panda handles these “fragile” backups and just put them on the same place where all other things reside. It’s like putting all the glasses with the spare ones on the same box!

This blog has been down for about two days before I am able to restore it. But what can I do about it? All I do now is to secure my own backups and do not rely on any hosting company’s “backup” . For real, I am disappointed with Network Panda but I am still giving them another chance as they promised to improve their backup/recovery method. After all, they are kind and easy to deal with for the past 3 months I am with them. But, better to be safe, I am testing another host now.

Many sites are still down (or empty) until today because of lack of backups. Many really lose confidence to Network Panda due to this event. Regarding with Choopa/Vultr, I still believe they should provide at least the backups or just terminated the server where the illegal content is. Not the whole account. Anyway, I do not know the whole (or true) story.

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 26, 2015 @ 11:32 pm

Pinoy Big Brother Intruders

Oo. 😀 Di na nagkitakita ulit no?

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On May 25, 2015 @ 2:46 pm

Pineng PN-999 20000mAh Powerbank Review – A Xiaomi Alternative

Hi bro. Hindi ko siya naisali kasi sa tingin ko hindi siya disadvantage since 300-500 times ang usual cycle for Li ion, yung mga lithium polymer hybrid ang mas tumatagal talaga. Kung may alam ka na Li ion powerbank na more than 500 times ang cycle, iuupdate ko ito. Salamat!

Sulit na sulit talaga itong PB na to. Kaya lang may napansin ako sa unit ko lately, parang bumagal magcharge yung 2.1A port niya.

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 26, 2015 @ 11:11 pm

Well then, that will be the problem! I guess until it can’t power on/charge device/s? Haha. It is either you ask for a replacement or just live with it. A power bank that always has a virtually 80% charge (I hope not.)

If you decide to return it, this will be a nice post to read about:

I wish you luck, brother.

Just kidding. 😛

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 26, 2015 @ 2:22 pm

The charging circuitry might be faulty. I once had a power bank before that was able to charge devices but can’t recharge itself when plugged in. But of course, it was just a cheap powerbank for about 200-300 pesos.

Did you already charge the powerbank prior to this problem or you are still using its factory charge (Usually Pineng power banks are shipped with 100% charge)? You should discharge the powerbank to at least below 15% in initial cycle before charging it. Then after two or three cycles, it does not matter what is the current percentage before plugging it (i.e. 50%, 75% but make sure the bank is not fully depleted as it will shorten the batteries’ lifetime, with this 15% or higher is ideal).

Inspect the adapter you are using for the amperage. It is usually written as output of 5V 1.5A, or 1500mA or something similar. If you had a 5V 2A adapter, it will take about 10 hours to fully charge this specific power bank, for 1A adapter, about 20 hours (This is from 0% – 100% – not recommended, I just put it this way for easy reference.)

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 26, 2015 @ 1:54 pm

Hello, that’s good to hear! No uncomfy heat is a good indication. Maybe you just got a unit with lots of time needed for calibration. 😀 Just monitor the powerbank’s performance if it goes inline with the expected power output/charging time.

It will be nice if you’ll keep me posted about this so that others will have an idea too. Thanks!

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 26, 2015 @ 1:34 pm

Hi Merix! Thanks for dropping by. Is there no “IN” indication on the LCD display or the unit does not turn on when it is plugged in? Is there any noticeable heat (uncomfortable to touch) when it is plugged in for let’s say about half an hour?

In regards of the battery gauge, it should not stay for a certain percentage for too long even during the first charge cycle/s. If it is still stucked on 80%, but was able to fully charge a device, there is a high chance of a problem on the unit’s circuitry but the batteries work fine. Also try to use other charger and cable. If the issue still persist, I am afraid you got a faulty item. I recommend you to initiate a return to Lazada (if you bought the item from them) right now so that it will be covered by the 7 day return/replacement policy.

» Posted By Raz Bernardino On August 26, 2015 @ 12:59 pm

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