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    Thank you for your honest review, one of our customers brought this post to our attention. Please allow us to to give some explanations on behalf of the company. First of all, we are indeed registered in the UK with the HMRC service and the EU VAT ID displayed on our web site, which allows us to issue invoices and be taxed with one VAT ID for all EU countries. If you used the VIES system to check the validity of the VAT ID, it would not give any results, actually it does not have the option to search for VAT IDs beginning with “EU”. It searches only for VAT IDs starting with the prefix of each individual country, not for EU-wide VAT IDs. These EU IDs are new so it is a matter of time for the VIES system to be updated.

    Regarding the issues that you experienced with high CPU usage, it is unfortunate that a member of our technical team had to suspend your account, but please note that we host WordPress sites, vBulletin and IP.Board forums, Joomla sites with more than 2000 unique visitors and 100000 pageviews per day without any problems and never had to suspend them and their uptime exceeds the levels of 99.96%. Actually, we rarely suspend more than 2 or 3 accounts per year for high CPU usage and most of the accounts hosted on our servers have more traffic than your account had. We check the CPU usage of each account using the Linux ps command which is considered as a reliable tool included in the Linux operating system. Also, most WordPress users are aware that even one poorly written plugin is enough to cause high CPU usage even with 2 concurrent visitors online.

    However, in October we got new servers in Europe which might have been able to handle better your CPU usage. Even if it still exceeded the maximum allowed 30%, it wouldn’t cause problems to other customers, so our fault is that we should wait a few days and then try to move your account to one of the newer servers, instead of suspending the account. I have already explained this to the staff members who handled the tickets and suspension. The transfer of some accounts including yours, to the older server in France was temporary while we were waiting for new replacement servers in UK and Germany. The period between 8 August and the beginning of October was difficult for all of us, as we had to do a lot of changes after the problems with Choopa/Vultr. Now that everything has returned to normal and new faster servers were launched, our entire network is stable again and we rarely have tickets opened by customers to report any issues.

    Regarding Varnish and caching issues, we have already addressed them and applied lots of tweaks which prevent any problems with the logins or updated content.

    We are sorry to see a disappointed customer, but we always strive to become better, for this reason we often review any mistakes and make changes to prevent them from occurring again.

    Thank you for reading this lengthy comment, please feel free to use your second account that you had with us and let us know if you need any assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Tom Holcombe

    • Raz

      Hi Tom, thanks for dedicating some of your time to leave a comment on my blog. I appreciate it that someone from your hosting company reacted on this.

      Thank you for clearing up one of the suspicious info I had listed on this article. But, there are still five of them left there. I hope you will clarify those also or at least, do something with it, not to uplift this article but to build a better reputation for your company (just saying and I am not forcing you to explain it here).

      Let me express this on one single time. I know there are many factors that may cause the high CPU usage, not just shitty plugins, sudden spike in traffic, other resource hog scripts or a combination of these. But, I think it is not good to make a customer feel that everything is his/her fault without providing any solid proof. Any monitoring log/records? Screenshots? That time, I know that you guys are really on a bad time there so I never bothered to make a scene and to have a lengthy conversation with you since your ticket system warns me that I am sending too many responses. You may also want to visit this one as to provide addiitonal details regarding my experience (read those comments too):

      During this time, I”m still on my host where I decided to transfer at after semi-leaving Network Panda. All of the issues were gone, with the same setup and wordpress plugins I am using. My current host is happy and never complained about my resource usage whatsoever even though another app, a traffic analytics app is installed on the same shared hosting account that I have with them.

      To sum things up, I still have my test account with you and as always, I am undeniably impressed with the uptime reports from it. I do not currently run a functional platform on that account, just a plain wordpress install. Who knows? I might reconsider soon and will see if anything had become better or had become more transparent.