SpideyLab Turns One

Woah! It has been a year since the article SpideyLab Launch: A Happy Birthday Treat to Me! was posted! Imagine that? (Yeah, no need to imagine, the article just said it is posted a year ago. Duh). Anyway, I’ve been busy for the past two quarters. When I say busy, it is a lot. Lots of life changing steps had occurred for the past months. I launched another blog which carries my name (you can visit it here) but it does not contain much, got my first job, met new friends, traveled a bit and other things a young adult might do. Oops, good things only, please! Haha. I’m glad SpideyLab is patient enough sitting here, waiting for a new article to be posted in it. Well, the wait stops here as I’ll be starting posting articles again! I hope I can cope up with the same frequency as I do before. Wish me luck!

Below will be my agenda for the next three months:
I’ll gonna update articles, especially those review and guides as they might be outdated and mislead readers. I am also thinking about posting some in Leisure and Travel category, but I haven’t yet finalized it, if I should post it on my name-branded domain instead. 🙂

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