My Deactivated / Expired Globe Prepaid SIM

I have this prepaid SIM with me for a few years now, primarily using the GCASH – AMEX service for my Paypal account transactions. I am not really a regular Globe user since most of my relatives, friends and colleagues are using Smart or Sun Cellular. So given that, I seldom use this number.

The Story

Today, I plan to transfer some credits of my GCash account to my Globe prepaid SIM by utilizing the Self Load service, just to keep my prepaid account active. Dang! The online tool returned BAD MSISDN and wasn’t able to complete the transaction. I already have this bad feeling that the SIM got deactivated due to no loading and charging transactions made in the past months. I verified this by checking the physical SIM and indeed, it has already no signal, marked as “Out of Service” and now an expired Globe prepaid SIM! It is now too late to do such thing!

Contacting Globe: Expired Globe Prepaid SIM

Being nonplussed, I immediately contacted Globe Customer Service through and told the representative about my problem. Contacting them today was easy and I am able to talk to a live agent in a matter of seconds. Maybe because it is early morning? (I already use the chat service many times before for inquires.) The CSR told me that the SIM has expired due to inactivity for the past 120 days. And the unhappy statement here is: “There is no way to activate an expired prepaid SIM.” So sad! There is also no way to retain the old number. -_- She just advised me to buy a new prepaid SIM and make sure I top up the SIM card within 120 days and also do a charging transaction (like sending a text message).

So, here it is. Even if you have credits left on your GCash account, the mobile number itself still needs to be reloaded and use for regular mobile transactions to keep the account active.

My GCash Account

Luckily, the credits (or money) left on my GCash account is below 50 pesos. Not that much to lose. Now, I am worried about purchasing a new SIM and do the Know Your Customer process again. More here: How to Verify Paypal Account using Globe GCASH AMEX. Why? I might have multiple GCash accounts  and since GCash is already being monitored by Bangko Sentral, it may introduce a problem later on. I sent an e-mail to GCash inquiries and currently waiting for their response.

Let’s see how things work out.

Update. It is just fine to have two GCash accounts. As the other one will be deactivated soon. In my case, I bought a new SIM and undergone the usual KYC process. Then, I used a different e-mail address when I signed up to GCash AMEX.

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  • Hi there, Spideylab! I do the same thing and keep money in GCash! Did you ever get a straight answer about what happens to your remaining GCash balance when your SIM got deactivated? Will they give the money back to you? Or bye bye money? What if it is a sizable amount? If it’s bye, bye money, that really sucks!

    • Raz

      Hi! I am sorry that I am not able to respond to you in the past days. Well, in my case I did not bother anymore to inquire about it. But, I am afraid that all credits (money) left in there is already forfeited.

      What’s your status?

    • Raz

      Hi, I would like to post an update about your query. If you enrolled your gcash number on Globe website, you may try to send money to another number using the web interface if it will pushed through. There will be no confirmation needed with this and the money will be sent. I am not sure if this will work with a deactivated sim.

  • Liliguel Redulla

    I have the same problem of expiration, but the difference is just the phone which the sim was being used was stolen and when I asked the customer service a week after (I was busy of filing the case and try to search the unit) the incident they said it was expired.
    Is it really like there’s really ‘no’ way to reactivate it or if it was not anymore in there system, could they make a new and I’ll just buy it? (kahit mejo mahal more than regular)
    or they just don’t wanna go beyond impossible???

    • Raz

      Hi there! I am afraid there is no way for it to be recovered. Atleast, in a regular consumer side. 🙁 It is still on the system (your number) but it is waiting to be recycled and reassigned to a new physical sim after some time. It might be possible to request for the same number but it will be hard and you should have some connection/s in globe because when you open it up with their CSR, you will just receive a coined message that it is not possible to reactivate an expired prepaid SIM. I think, it will be a tedious work if it will be offered for prepaid consumers. So, i did not bother anymore about it and I just bought a new one. This time, I will be more careful on noting the expiration date of my number.

  • Elvie Doma

    Hi cud it possible globe can reactivate my deactivated sim?reply asap pls.