Tips on How to Get Fast Google Adsense Approval with a New Blog

Get a fully approved genuine adsense account within a few days! Being a blogger, having an approved Google Adsense account is a great achievement – something you can be proud of. Whether you are just starting a blog or have an old blog that you want to monetize. So, today I’ll gonna share with you how I got approved in Google Adsense in less than a month of blogging. These are tips or strategies on how to get adsense approval in matter of days even with a new and less than a month old blog.

How to Get Fast and Easy Approval in Google Adsense

While others encounter numerous rejection from Google when they apply for an Adsense account, I had passed the initial and final review of the Adsense team with only 1 rejection. I got a fully working Google Adsense account with a blog/domain that is less than a month old. How do I do it?

Let’s take a look about things you should know before hitting that submit button in Adsense application form.

Things To Do Before Adsense Application

This serves as a complete guide that cover all the basic and necessary things required to have a fully approved Google Adsense account in just a matter of few days.

Before trying to send an application to Google, make sure you have done the following so that you can have a flawless approval from the Google Adense team.

1. Use a Top Level Domain (TLD) Name

Using a blogspot subdomain is a no no today. Yes. Google prioritize the approval of blogs with the domain before. But it is not the trend today. You should have your own domain. Top level domains are domains that end with .com,.org,.net etc. Domains are cheap and you can buy one for about 10 US dollars. If you do not have any money to pay for hosting services, there are free hosts around to try or park the domain through Google Blogger (Blogspot). Make sure that the registry details of the domain is the same with your name and other information sent to Google through your application. These details are crucial and Google loves it when you are honest and willing to show your idenity to them. They do not use any information for illegal doings.

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Others say that a blog or domain should be existing or registered for about few months (3 months or more) before applying for Adsense account. This is not true. I registered this blog on last week of April, uploaded and launched the blog on the first week of May and I already got a fully working Adsense account by third week of that month. That is only a span of less than a month. In some countries like India, Google requires a blog to be at least 6 months old. Since it is  easy making .IN domains there thus spamming is everywhere too.

Note: I transferred some blog posts from my old blog and it is archived with the date April 2015. If Google Adsense considered my blog got started in the month of April, then it is still only about 2 months old.

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2. Write Quality Content

Google Adsense team do not tolerate plagiarism. Duplicated content is a no no. You should have original and useful content in your blog. If you just copied articles from another blog and edited some sentences, then there is a low possibility that your blog will get approve. In my personal opinion, you should have at least 15 quality posts that has no lower than 500 words per post. When we say “quality” posts, these are posts that make sense and informative. Posts should not look like a spam. Include images on your posts. It is best to use images you own or you created. Try not to use images found in the internet especially if it is copyrighted. Do not create posts that are racist, offending, violent, weaponry, adult/censored, gambling/casino and illegal drugs related. Google may add some or change the policy about allowable content. It is a good practice to read the Terms and Conditions of Adsense before applying.

Google does not state anything about how many posts a blog should have to get approve but 15 is a pretty safe number to start with. In terms of copyrighted images, images are not specified in their policy but it is best to use images that you have rights to use. You can still use images in the internet but make sure it is in public domain or allowed for non-commercial/for modification use. These images can be filtered by the Google Images search engine. Also, most of the images found with Creative Commons license can be use in your blog with proper crediting to the original owner.

3. Make Blogging a Hobby

I said that you should have at least 15 quality posts in your blog. But I didn’t say that you should do it in just a day. To make your blog appear genuine to Adsense, these posts should be distributed along different dates. It is pretty good to post 1 to 2 articles a day as a starting blogger. But posting once to thrice a week is okay.

Google do not require a minimum traffic for a blog to get approve. It doesn’t matter if you only have one, two, or ten visitors.

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4. Dedicate a Privacy Policy and Contact Page

Google loves it when you declare how you use information gathered from your visitors. Before applying for Google Adsense, you should have a PRIVACY POLICY page. Also, you appear serious on blogging if you have a dedicated CONTACT page for your visitors. Optional pages that are interesting to have are: Disclaimer, About the Blog/Author, and Terms and Conditions page. These pages are OPTIONAL. Personally, I created these pages not only for Google Adsense application but to complete the look of my personal blog. I just want to have them sitting in my blog. Along with these pages are History and Site Statistics page – again NOT REQUIRED. MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE ONLY.

5. Do Not Host or Link Adult and Copyrighted Material

Like plagiarism, Google strictly prohibited Adsense websites to contain material that they do not have rights to distribute. Copyrighted materials inlclude songs, movies, books and software that is not free for use. Google do not want adult content in a blog. There are other ways to monetize from those. Not with Adsense. When Google Adense sees anything that is copyrighted or violates family safety, whether hosted or linked, you will get a fast disapproval.

Even you are already an Adsense approved, Google checks your blog time to time and when they discovered something illegal, your account will get suspended.

6. Create a Google Webmaster and Analytics Account

These two are basic tools a blogger should have. You should add your blog to Google Webmaster or Search Console and connect it with a Google Analytics Account. Again, details of accounts should match the one you are sending to Google. Adding a URL to Google Webmaster will make your blog to be successfully indexed in the Google Search Engine. It is a very good source of organic traffic in the future. Also, submit your site to Bing, Baidu and other search engines. Do not use or pay for a software to do these things. Adding your blog to these major search engines alone will give a traffic boost for your quality posts.

These six things are the basic foundation on having a fully approved Google Adsense account working in just a matter of days. You may be rejected at first but they will inform you about the reason why you get rejected. Work on it and resend your application. Me, myself got rejected once due to lack of content. I am pretty sure that it is not true. What I did is I changed my blog theme and resend the application. And Tadda! it was approved! So here it is, make sure your theme creates an excerpt on the homepage since Google bots want it. The approval process are done by a bot and a human but of course, when the bot said that you are not eligible, then the human will not anymore check your blog.

Patience and hardwork is the key.

Additional Tips

So let’s say you’d got approved in Google Adsense. The most important thing to remember is: DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN ADS. As this will lead you getting banned on Adsense for life. This do not only apply on you but anyone in your home that uses the same internet connection. Since you have the same IP, Google will treat the clicks as like you clicked your own ads. Also, keep up to date on policy changes of Adsense and check if you are still obeying the rules.

As of now, my biggest problem is that no one clicks an ad here in my blog so that I do not have any income yet from Google Adsense. And Oops! This is an additional tip. DO NOT OBLIGE OR TELL YOUR VISITORS TO CLICK AN AD. This is again a violation of the Adsense policy.


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  • Raz

    Hi Jayson! It’s nice to see you around here! 😀 Sorry for replying only now as I am quite busy at work. Haha. Well, you might want to try again now as it seems like your blog is already populated with numerous posts. Yes, I had read some posts especially the ones about Sagada. 🙂 I also suggest that registering a standalone domain will be a good move too, if you’re really into making your travel blog like Angel is a very good source for travel insights! I am also planning to have a travel blog but it still didn’t come into reality until now. Haha. Good luck for both of us and happy blogging!

    Hmmm, I hope I can find time to update this bog in the coming weeks as it’s been almost half a year since my last post. 😛

    • Jayson Curtiz

      Hi Raz! Thank you for taking some time to read my blog post out of your busy schedule at work. ^_^ and i did apply again last week but google adsense dumped me again for the same reason, insufficient content. haha So i guess i really just have to post more. As for the standalone domain, i’m planning to do it but not now. I’m not ready yet to spend into subscriptions, unless there are free domain and web hosting (which is very unlikely). May i know how much are you paying (domain and web hosting) for your blog? and what is you provider? thank you

      • Raz

        I think you’ll get a greater chance for success now. This comment is somewhat nonsense as you already had your own and fully working domain now. Haha. I guess my subscription is bit cheaper than what you currently have. I only spend less than $25 for the whole year function of this blog. (Excluding the cost of experiments I had with other hosting providers). Well, it is quite a hassle to find a stable and cheap host. For this domain, I am using ZnetLive (though I have one under 1and1 and another one at hostinger too, an xyz domain) and Warpline for hosting service.

        • :p I only spent around $8 for a whole year subscription. Haha Far way cheaper than yours. They had an easter promo so i took that chance and purchased the domain. Well, thanks for encouraging me :D. I wouldn’t have purchased one if you didn’t tell that i’ll get a higher chance of approval if i have my own domain. I’ll try to re-apply and will get back to you if they will dis-approve me again -_-. Haha just kidding.

          • Raz

            Ohh. Haha. That’s why it’s cheaper! Well, if we talk only about the domain, I also spent the same amount for my renewal, even less than 2$ for my first year! haha, No worries, Goodluck!

            Wait. May I ask if there is additional functionalities if you hosted your domain with google? Or the panel is just the same when you’re using a blogspot subdomain? I am asking because I am used in using wordpress and doing taht with wordpress is too limited, that’s why I availed a paid service.

          • Hmm, no additional functionalities. Still the same panel. Just really the domain that i’m directing to my own. I tried using wordpress before but i was not successful with it, I find it quite hard. lol. Though in blogger I have to code a lot to make my blog look more decent. 😀

          • Raz

            I first attempted using blogger but I switched to wordpress after few trials. Well, basically I just love the back interface of wordpress, that’s why. haha.

          • lol. Well i guess that’s it. work on whichever suits you and your needs. For me, i like blogger. 😀 our convo is getting in trend here. haha

  • Hey Raz! How are you?

    Guess what, adsense approved my application! haha yey! You’re definitely right, getting a custom domain will help speed up the approval for adsense. ^_^

    • Raz

      Hi Jayson! Congratulations!!!! *poppers* *confetti* Haha. Yeah, I am already seeing an ad banner in your blog when i visited a few minutes ago. Next target, drive the traffic! (that is still my target too but I am not doing anything — I have no new post for the past 6 months. lol)

      • Thank you! esp for the *poppers* and *confetti* haha. Yes, travel, travel, travel, post, post, post. lol. You already have quite a lot of posts in your blog, though posting more will help you increase the traffic. best of luck to both of us. 😉 final *confetti*! haha

        • Raz

          Yeah, best luck for both of us! enjoy travelling! Haha. I have something to post about travel but I haven’t created any draft post for it! Haha. It’s like two months ago. -_-

          Regarding the traffic, I am seeing that it still continually increases even there is nothing new here. haha. Well, maybe because of some article topics that is frequently searched on Google.

          About Adsense, well, yeah. It doesn’t follow the same trend. So sad. haha.