Hostinger Free Web Hosting Review

Hostinger Free Webhosting Review

As a beginner in terms of self-hosted blogging, choosing a reliable web host is a crucial decision. With the vast offerings of web hosting found online, choosing the right company should be accounted carefully, whether it is free or paid host.  For a starting blogger like me or for those who doesn’t want to pay for hosting to make his/her website online, free hosting is relatively available for us. In the past weeks of my journey with this matter, I had tried a bunch of hosting providers that claim to provide 100% free and reliable service. Do a google search and you’ll find hundreds of pages of free hosting offerings. However, despite of the claims of these hosting providers, nothing more reliable to trust is experience. So, there is no harm on signing up on a free service – just make sure that they don’t ask for payment details before hand.

Hostinger Philippines

In this journey, I finally settled on a free host where this blog is currently hosted. Hostinger Philippines is a free web hosting company that offers up to 2GB storage, 100GB of bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, and the very good thing – it doesn’t put any advertisements on your site.

Free HostingWhen I have found out about, I immediately signed up for a free account and pointed my domain to their nameservers. Installing WordPress is easy because of their user friendly control panel and built-in scripts auto-installer. Setting up was fast and my website is ready and online in just a few minutes. Hostinger is fully compatible with WordPress and most of the plugins available for the platform. Other free host doesn’t offer complete compatibility. What is more fascinating about this service is that the site loads fast (test it yourself) and you wouldn’t think that it is hosted on a server that is offered FREE. If you don’t have your own domain, you can use the subdomain offers by Hostinger. This is only a second choice and I recommend you should have your own domain if you are serious in making an identity online.

Experience with Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the best place where you would like to start making your identity online by launching a blog. Do take note that free service like hostinger do have limitations. But unlike other free host, the limitations set by Hostinger such as 20% maximum CPU resource and 100GB bandwidth per month are hard to reach. Also, the support provided by this free hosting service is outstanding. I have tried contacting support through ticket for numerous times and responses were fast. Usually, I can get a valuable response from my queries in just minutes to an hour after sending a ticket.

Updated (May 16): I experienced some errors on my blog days ago, it was resolved and I found out that a Cloudflare setting is the culprit of this error, not Hostinger. Read the detailed article here: Fixing Error 522 in WordPress Edit: Hostinger contributed in the said error.

Hostinger Philippines is part of the Hostinger International group and was launched in the Philippines last 2012. Hostinger also offers premium shared hosting for as low as P99 per month. Currently, it utilizes Europe, North America & Singapore datacenters for Philippine operations.

Updated (May 20): I encountered a suspension of my free account with Hostinger. It is due to utilizing above 70% of the CPU limit for free hosting for more than 36 times. Here is the original message from Hostinger:

zalora-bap-15-offBrand Ambassador Promotion: Discount code is for new customers only.

  • Hi raz! How are you? 🙂

    I finally decided to purchase a stand alone domain and i chose hostinger. I grabbed their Easter sale promo and purchased a 3 months subscription. However it’s been 24 hours already but my account still shows pending status and it still shows 0 domain in the dashboard. I already opened a ticket and waiting for their response. I wonder how long (for them) does it take to activate a service that has been fully paid.

    • Raz

      Hi Jayson! Sorry if my reply is a bit late. I’d been quite busy again. Haha,

      Congratulations! What’s the status of your subscription with hostinger? Is it okay now?

      • Indeed! Seems like you’re really busy. ^_^ Everything’s ok now. My blog is running on a stand alone domain that i bought from hostinger. It took me 3 days to redirect blogger to hostinger. Haha super nosebleed! lol Support people from google and hostinger has been very helpful. at last! YEY! haha so my new site is now poppers! confetti and clap clap! lol

        • Raz

          My current work is somewhat time demanding and power drainer. Haha. I hope everything will get back to normal after a few weeks. 😀

          Wooh. It seems like everything looks good! Congratulations again Jayson! I am accessing before your comment and I am being redirected to an unsetup domain. LOL. I’m so glad that it isn’t yours. 😛 😀

          • Thanks! ^_^ Yep I was using travelersluggage before but when i tried purchasing it, it shows that it has been already registered to someone else and it’s “on hold status”. Looks like it was registered last 2005 but the user didn’t use it so it’s now pending for registration thus i have added “the” before travelersluggage and viola!

            So now I’m just gonna have to work on posting more articles and try to apply to adsense. I already applied twice and got denied due to insufficient content. Good luck to me. haha

          • Raz

            Yeah! your current domain sounds and looks more formal to me. Even facebook dropped “the” from their first domain. Well, just think of theverge which is also a cool application of the word “the”. 😀

  • I got suspended on my account. I don’t know why they do that to me. My blog is fresh and only 6days old. The same reason as yours exceeding CPU quota. I’m really disappointed to hostinger phils. It kills me for the whole day today. I’m so sad. I worked hard for it. I emailed them but no response. It seems like they really want to me to upgrade my account just to give them money. WTF is they want me to do that I’ve never expected. I need first my blog to gain traffic and start making money online to save for hosting upgrade because right now I can not pay for paid hosting. You know I’m just started blogging again from the long long years of silence. I decided to set up a self-hosted blog again just to make sure that my blog is worth dying for. OMG, now this is what happened to me… Have you ever asked the hostingerph for your website’s backup? I just need to have my backup files from it so that I can recreate it again to other free hosting service.

    I know for good free hosting service from 000webhost and I’ve been using it for 2 two years since 2008 for my first personal but I upgraded to paid hosting. I’m feel sorry myself that I choose hostingph than 000webhost because Its been my first choice for my new blog last week. If I didn’t choose hostingerph my blog still alive with 000webhost. For now I just waiting for the response from hostingerph and its really scks no response yet. I will give them until tomorrow if not I will set up my blog again to other free hosting service and I take my revenge writing a bad review to hostingerph.. Thanks for your post it gives me some hints.

    • Raz

      Hi. how’s it? Did you already got your blog up again?

      Hostinger allowed me to get the backup files of my blog but it took hours before they responded via ticket. Maybe because I reached the CPU usage limit not only once. I just promised to optimize the scripts I am using so they allowed me to get in to the CPanel. Then, I created the backup and moved to a paid host.

      • still no response. I decided to move on for now.. I will recreate my blog as soon as possible. I wasted my time and effort with hostingerph. I hope it wont happen again to anyone. Thanks dude.

  • Adam Paul Stevenson

    Hey, thank you for an informative review. As also suggested in several other blogs I stepped on to, I tried creating a Free test page to find out about the quality of their service. Used it for about a month and had the same problem as mentioned in your review and one of the comments: the CPU limit. Yet I contacted the customer service department and they helped me optimize my account, so from there on everything went smoothly. Furthermore, just to be sure, contacted them about some minor issues to know if the quality of service is good or I just got lucky. Was left satisfied, live support was quick and direct to answer.
    Now I am using the Premium service and everything runs smoothly, my domain name was confirmed quickly. Hope they can keep up the good work, I’ll be sure to update me experience!

    • Raz

      Good for you Adam! Yeah, I do agree customer support of Hostinger is good. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience to us. 🙂

    • pollie

      Turns out we all get the same problems. LOL.
      Their Zyro website builder is great, since I kinda !hate! coding. The ready to use templates and drag and drop interface made it so easy to create my website in no time. How’s the premium goin’ for ya man?

      • Eden Lad

        Hahahah glad that others also enjoy the no coding experience 🙂

  • Jean P. le C.

    What a nice review 🙂 I also happen to be Hostinger client for a around a year, they really do provide some nice services, I really enjoy the possibility of creating free subdomains, makes managing my business so much easier.

    • Raz

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience Jean! 😀

  • Henry

    “Despite of the claims of these hosting providers, nothing more reliable to trust is experience” great observation. I see that you’re going in the right direction and it inspired me around a month ago to try out Hostinger myself. Was satisfied o just stopped by to say thanks and good luck, keep on writing.

    • Raz

      Thank you Henry. May I ask if you are under free or paid subscription in Hostinger?

      • Henry

        Free for now, but I believe that if everything continues to work well, I will eventually go for the paid one, as I posted another comment under your other article, will ask the same question, did you try the paid one? 🙂

        • Raz

          No Henry, I am yet to try the paid option. However, my free account in Hostinger is still active. 🙂

          • Henry

            Cool that you still have it! What’s your site called there? Do you have it in your plans to try the paid plan? 🙂

          • Raz

            Oh sorry, It’s only a test site Henry, it’s not publicly available. I have no plans yet to migrate to paid plan on Hostinger, since I am satisfied on what my current and cheap host provides. 🙂

  • Cloudy

    Nice article. I’m a paid customer at Hostinger. “And really assists well on doing an upgrade to paid hosting, of course.” Noticed today that they added a new cool feature for paid clients – 24/7 live chat option accessible through the cpanel. Now I like them even more. A lot better than tickets.

    • Raz

      Woah. That’s indeed a cool new upgrade regarding Hostinger’s customer support. Thank you for informing us Cloudy!

  • Preston Samers

    Nice article! I’m a teenager myself and luckily Hostinger makes web hosting affordable from pocket money 🙂 and it’s cool that they provide good services. also thank you for your review, helped me decide that I can try Hostinger.

    • Urjasz

      Hey Preston, your story is pretty similar to mine. I came from not a very rich family and website creation was my hobby which became my business. Didn’t have money then, arund 7 years ago and signed up with Hostinger free plan. First was confused but wanted to learn a lot, so had to do my work on my own. Now I’m a developer and still a loyal client of Hostinger. Their services are good and reliable, especially the guys from support team, so if you’ll have any issues they will definitelly help you. So if you encounter any issues – don’t give up and keep on creating.

  • Emerio

    Thanks for such an informative review. I’m pretty new to this so you really helped me make up my mind and go with Hostinger, will sure drop by to share my experience!

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