Globe Home Broadband Plans 2016

This article tackles about the new 2016 Globe Home Broadband Plans for DSL and LTE.  To view the old discussion thread, please visit the old article here: Globe LTE Home Broadband Plan Review. The said post also include some info about the “Anti-Bill Shock” alternative for those who wanted to go “mobile” and willing to pay a bit more. The Anti-Bill shock feature is very handy, especially for those who does not want the current cap imposed on the current broadband plans.

June 2017 News: Globe recently launched new broadband plans with Globe At Home Go Big and Go Fast branding. See the new 2017 plans here.

2016 Globe Home Broadband Plans (Official)

November 1. Updated article to reflect recent reports of users about monthly allocation limit and throttling. Read more about this on Monthly Bandwidth Allocation section.

September 14. Article has been updated to reflect the additional Plan 1199 and some changes with other respective plans.

Globe At Home Broadband Plans

August 20, 2016. Globe recently launched their new home broadband plans lineup with bunch of bundle offerings. These bundles don’t just include the Google Chromecast that has been offered to loyal subscribers for the past few months, but now includes a couple of TV, speakers,  game console and other choices. Globe is really eager to make their new plans as an entertainment pack integrating video and music services like NetFlix, Disney, HOOQ and Spotify. Also, there is an option to to add a “Play” pack that offers game credits for major gaming platforms like Garena and Steam. Unfortunately, it turns out that the official plans is a far from the leaked Rubicon plans we had waited since the first quarter of this year. 🙁

Globe Home Broadband 2016 Plans
Globe Home Broadband Choice of Devices

As seen above, there is not much changes from the 2015 offering for the Plan 999 and 1099. For example, Plan 1099 retained the same speed at 2mbps. However, changes kick in when we look at Plan 1199 and up.

Globe Plan 1299 (2016)

As expected for Plan 1299 with 10mbps speed, monthly data/volume allocation for DSL is higher than LTE (100GB vs 50GB). The same volume allocation is also provided for Plan 1199, but with a slower speed of 5mbps. Moving on, Plan 1299 is already the highest plan offered for LTE. When we go at a higher speed (15 mbps and up) it is either via DSL or Fiber.  As a comparison, 15mbps speed is also offered under LTE connection before.

Since the new plan offerings are too many to mention, you can check out yourself the new offerings and may apply/upgrade for the new plans at You can also check out the main page of Globe Home Broadband at It seems like the “Tattoo” monicker will now be offered and used only for mobile data services.

As of 2016,

All plans come with:
FREE WiFi modem

Plan 1299 and up come with:
FREE landline and unlimited calls to Globe/TM
HOOQ and Netflix for 6 months
(On the 7th month, HOOQ and Netflix will auto-renew with charge.)

Plan 1599 and up come with:
FREE Chromecast

Bundles with TV, Game console, speakers come with a Cash-Out. (available for selected areas only).

Monthly Bandwidth Allocation

November 2016. Recently, many users who are under the new plans are complaining that Globe doesn’t follow the 30% subscribed speed rule when monthly volume allocation has been reached, while others do not experience the problem. Supposedly, when you already hit the limit, connection speed will get slower but becomes unlimited. Here are some of the observed scenarios:

  1. Users who have 50GB monthly allocation, will be throttled down to 30% of their subscribed speed when 50GB is reached (e.g., 10mbps x 0.3 = 3mbps) , but once additional 50GB is again consumed, the speed will go down to 256kbps. => I confirmed this before, Globe says it will stay to 30% and will not go any lower.
  2. Users who have 50GB monthly allocation, will experience a slow speed of 256kbps once limit is reached. => Obviously, not 30%.
  3. Users who have 50GB monthly allocation, will experience 30% throttled speed when 100GB is consumed. => Allocation has been doubled, before being throttled down to 30%.
  4. Users who have 50GB monthly allocation, will experience a slow speed of 256kbps when 100GB is consumed => Allocation has been doubled, before being throttled down to 256kbps.
  5. Some customer service representatives still insist that speed will just be throttled down to 30% when allocation is consumed.  Others say, it is 64kbps. => 64kbps is against the NTC rule since broadband connections should have atleast 256 kbps.
  6. The 256kbps throlling only applies to LTE plans. DSL subscribers can enjoy the 30% unlimited internet. <= This is unfair, especially for those who signed up for LTE and was promised for the similar 30% throttled speed.

    If you are also experiencing this kind of speed even you are under DSL, kindly request a technician to visit you, or request Globe to have your connection be check, since the plans say that speed will only be throttled once, only 30% fixed across all plans.

    For LTE users, let us hope that this is only a system glitch or temporary. Since the terrible slow speed just seemed to occur only a month ago. Also, it seems like the problem is a case-to-case basis because not everyone under LTE plan is experiencing the same throttling, as enumerated on the scenarios above. 

    For LTE users, it is already confirmed that throttling to 256kbps will occur after consuming your data allowance. For other users that is not experiencing this, I guess you’re lucky. 

    If you have some information you can share with us, you are welcome to post in the comments section below. 🙂

Data Capping and Volume Boost Add-ons

All new DSL plans still follow the 30% subscribed speed rule when monthly volume/bandwidth allocation has been reached. Meaning to say, for Plan 1299 10mbps, speed will go down to 3mbps when 100GB is reached (for DSL). It will reset every first day of the month, regardless of your plan’s cut-off date. If you wish that your speed will not be throttled, you may purchase volume add-ons starting at 50GB (DSL) for P99/month.

For LTE plans, throttling to 256kbps will occur after consuming the data allowance. If you have no other choice than LTE plan, Data Boost Add-ons are your day saver, at a cost. You can inquire directly with Globe with the latest pricing for Volume/Data Boost Add-Ons.

Globe Data Boost Add-Ons as of September 2016

Current Rates (May 2017) for Volume/Data Boost Add-ons:


Additional 50 GB for DSL and Fiber only – P99
Additional 200 GB for DSL and Fiber only – P299
Additional 300 GB for DSL and Fiber only – P499
Additional 500 GB for DSL and Fiber only – P599
Additional 800 GB for DSL and Fiber only – P799
Additional 1000 GB for DSL and Fiber only – P999


Additional 20 GB for LTE/4G only – P99
Additional 60 GB for LTE/4G only – P299
Additional 100 GB for LTE/4G only – P499
Additional 150 GB for LTE/4G only – P599
Additional 200 GB for LTE/4G only – P799
Additional 300 GB for LTE/4G only – P999

Purchase Volume Boost Now

Volume Boost Validity

Purchased volume boost add-ons are valid for 30 days.  Remaining volume boost allocation will be added on top or it will “roll-over” on the next month. Meaning, if you purchased a 60GB add-on in the 17th day of April and unable to consume it all at the end of that month, remaining data will be added on top of the available data allocation for May. Data from volume boost will be consumed first and will be forfeited if left unconsumed.

Plan Activation and Billing Statements

If you want to dig into details about plan activation, wireless landline bundle and billing statements, you may visit the old Globe LTE Home Broadband Plans Review article here.  Just jump to the internet service provider section.

Rubicon Plan (2016 Beta)

As for our side, we are able to get the Plan 999 (5mbps, 50GB monthly allocation) under Rubicon last June 2016. This is a downgrade from our old Plan 1099 (2mbps, 5GB daily) from 2015.

Speedtest for Rubicon Plan 999 (5mbps) LTE

If you’re wondering about Rubicon , you may read the old Globe Home Broadband Plans Review article on Rubicon Plans section here.

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  • John Paul

    I have the same downgraded plan as yours sir from 2MBPS 1099 – 5Mbps 999! Just want to ask if the Chromecast is included to your plan? Because it was indicated that PLAN999 5MBPS 50GB W/HQ&SPY+CC.. Did you received your chromecast sir? Or it’s up to us if we will be purchasing or get the included chromecast? Thanks and what is your throttle speed? God bless thanks for the informative blog of yours.

    • Raz

      Hi John Paul! Glad you find my blog informative! 🙂 I haven’t recieved our chromecast yet. But, they confirmed that it is indeed included on the plan. I’ll follow up what’s the status of chromecast delivery. For the throttled speed, Sorry, I am yet to reach 50GB. 😀

      • John Paul

        Okay thanks Raz! Lastly what is your monthly bill since you have upgraded your plan last June 2016 because I just recently upgraded my plan last August 2016 I have no idea what would be my monthly bill? But the globe agent told me that it should be “P999.00” as stated in the contract info. and last monday they said that the “P99.00” monthly device payment for the Chromecast will be waived in the billing statement.

        • Raz

          Hello John Paul! our first bill had a one-time payment of P1,000 an top of P999 MSF as downgrade fee.

          • John Paul

            Thank you! I’m just waiting for my bill to come maganda naman yung service as of now consistent up to 5Mbps umaabot pa minsan ng 8Mbps yung DL speed medyo nakakalito lang yung info ng mga agent regarding sa chromecast kaya ilang beses ko pinapahold yung delivery. Thanks and God bless!

          • John Paul

            Currently i’m waiting for the billing statement of my first billing since the rubicon upgrade. I want to know if the chromecast device is waived on your billing statement which amounting P99.00 .

          • Raz

            Yes John Paul, we are not paying for the chromecast. It is just the P999 MSF. But still, we haven’t received the chromecast yet!

  • sephjo

    Hi! The plan that we are currently using is Globe LTE home broadband postpaid. Ask ko lang po kung may additional ba na bayad kapag na reach mo yung data cap? Just want to clarify my sister about it because I think she’s confused about the plan and I already explained it to her but she won’t believe me. Just want to clarify it coming from your statement sir. Thanks!

    • Raz

      Hi! There’s no additional payment if you reached the monthly allocation. Unless you opted for a volume boost/add-on of course, as stated in this article. Thanks!

      • sephjo

        Okay! You’re welcome and thank you sir!

  • Saitama Senpai

    how much data cap per day 10mbps 1299 100gb?

    • Raz

      100GB ÷ 30 = 3.33GB per day.

  • wajinshu

    sir pag na capped ba yung upload speed magiging same ng capped speed sa download? thanks

    • Raz

      Hi, opo, shared po yung monthly bandwidth allocation sa upload/download once na hit na yun limit.

  • lei

    hi sir! I’m currently using the homebro fiber old plan 1599 with the speed of 5mbps and a 50 GB monthly data allowance.. I just wanna ask if automatic ba na mauparade Yung speed ng net ko to 15mbps and dAta to 150 GB? thanks

    • Raz

      No, you need to contact Globe to upgrade your plan.

  • Frenzel Millan Abecendario RN

    hi sir clarify ko lang po ung on the 7th month, HOOQ and netflix will AUTORENEW? WITH CHARGE? kahit hindi gamitin…may automatic charge? or reflect agad sa bill? if yes…how much will be the charge fee? thanks po 🙂

    • Raz

      Hi Frenzel, yes it will auto renew unless you opted out of the Netflix/HOOQ service.

      Note: Standard lock-in period is 24 months. Plans are subject to area availability.
      * Access to Netflix will auto-renew to paid subscription (P460/month) after 6 months.
      Packages are available in the following cities: Quezon City, Pasig City, Muntinlupa City, Paranaque City, Makati City, Dasmarinas City, Cebu City
      ** Access to HOOQ will auto-renew to paid subscription (P149/month) after 6 months.
      *** Access to NBA LEAGUE PASS will auto-renew to paid subscription (P499/month) after 6 months. Redeem your NBA promo codes

      This is directly from globe website.

  • Dunric Ng

    hi raz, i’m on plan 1199 5mbps 50 gb according to your article after i used up my 50 gb i should still have 30% or at least 1mbps pero all i got daily is 0.20mbps do u have any advice or is this the new standard after data capped? thank you in advance.

    • Raz

      Yes it should work like that, but many users are reporting that they are being throttled down by another 30% againwhen you reached your cap twice (50GBx2 = 100GB), there is no official announcement about this from Globe. But, this is somewhat deceiving since they are advertsing it with only 30% capped speed after reaching the monthly data allocation.

      • Dunric Ng

        thank you for your reply. can i sue this as ground to terminate my contract since they are deceitful ?

        • Raz

          Hi Dunric! Possible, provided you had proofs to show (ticket IDs, script from chat with a globe agent, etc.) Did you already talk to a Globe representative about this? How’s your speed now? I am sorry I can’t provide more thorough information about this with you guys since I am not currently reaching the 50GB cap monthly (I am not at home, that’s why. :-D)

          • Dunric Ng

            I will call them and see what happens then I’ll post it here… Thanks so much

          • Raz

            Hi Dunric, just wondering if you already made the call to Globe? How did the talk go? Thank you!

          • wajinshu

            sir nung tumawag ako sa globe plan 1,299 ako eh yung allocation nasa 100gb, eto chat ko sa kanila, then tumawag ako sa CSR same din sinabi na nagamit ko at allocation mukang 100gb nga, nagtanong din ako sa ibang users na nagpakabit last month ng 1,299 plan 100gb din sila nacacapped ng matindi, di 30%

          • Mark Steve Camba Alcantara

            Yan na ung naxprence ko na 100gb with10mbps pero pag naubos mu n yan babagsak ang speed mu sa 256kbps…

          • Too Long

            ako eto bilis ko sa 1299 na 3mbps plan ko ngayon naabot ko na dw cap pero last month di ganito pag ubos atleast 1mbps padin hindi 0.24mbps , bulacan area, nasa process palang upgrade ko to 10mbps,

          • Raz

            Hi , you mean po nasa old plan ka pa pero nakakaexperience ka na din ng slow speed than normal? If that’s the case, hindi lang new palns ang apektado.

          • JC

            hi, ako din po naka plan pa ako sa 1299 na 3mbs.. nung una pag maubos yong 30gb data allowance mo mag drop yong speed to 1mbps, ngayon ang hina na nasa 0.30kbps nag simula to nong october..

          • Cris Jaime

            Ganto rin saken old plan prin saken 3mbps 1299 …dati 1mbps pg capped na ngayon… 30kb nlang kaka bweset

          • Cris Jaime

            Pag pbaba ng capped auto appky pero ung speed na 10 mbps need pa iapply for upgrade at panibagong contract

          • Dunric Ng

            hello raz, a strange occurence happened to my net. after i complained they send a technician and upon checking, the technician confirmed that i am getting a very slow signal which is unfair, so i called up again and they offered me to transfer to DSL but asked me to wait bec they have no available slot as of now in my area qc. They are also willing to terminate the contract if i really insist but the next day lo and behold my net speed is 14mbps! its been 4 days now and so far it is till on 14mbps! so i’ll just wait and see! the things is THE COMPLAINANT MUST INSIST THAT THE DEAL THEY OFFERED IS 30% LOWER AFTER USING UP THE DATA ALLOWANCE! as soon as the operator answer i give name and account and my first inquiry is what happens after data allowance is used up, if they answer it will be intermittent or slow i insist on HOW SLOW until they are forced to admit that officially it is 30% then i argue that they are full of deception and lies that’s how i got to be offered the DSL or Disconnection at NO CHARGES! but for now im downloading all that i can while on 14mbps glitched. With Globe there is no HAPPILY EVER AFTER! To be continued….we’ll see.

          • Raz

            Thanks for the update Dunric! That also happens to our subscription from time to time but it will go back to normal speed when the connection has been reset (by simply turning on/off the modem, etc).

            So they confirmed that it is still 30%. And why is it that many subscribers experience much slower speeds.

          • Dunric Ng

            i did not really get a accurate reply from the operators bec it seems that they don’t know the answers as well why it is no longer 30% so they will just say we wil refer you to our technical group so & so. but if i insist to disconnect they seem to be agreeable with it. for no i have decided to go on and we what happens in the coming days. so far im still 14 mbps

          • oget

            I had almost the same experience. My speed throttled to 200Kbps after I used up 107Gb on the 2nd week of the 2nd month of my plan 1299 in Laguna. After a series of calls and complaints, they told me that their tech support found out that my area was suddenly something like has been became out of coverage of service or the LTE service has become not available. Funny thing was when I was accessing my B315 modem it was still clearly showing 4G LTE signal. I was transferred to their Termination group and was offered me a DSL service instead of terminating the service. But unfortunately when the tech made a survey he advised that there were no globe facilities to attach the dropwire cable and their QA also advised they won’t allow substandard installation. On the 3rd month my speed was refreshed and have used it for almost 2 weeks and consumed more than 60Gb. I called back their termination group and i told them I would just want to terminate the service since globe was not providing their committed minimum speed which should be 30% of 10Mbps once the 100Gb allowance is used up as what I was told by their agent. I paid 1500 for the installation fee and used the line for more than almost 3 months. The termination group waived my pre termination fee and even all the previous and current balances. I am currently still searching for a better broadband plans from different carriers.

      • Too Long

        Will that double throttling reset every month, or if in the next i reached the cap I will experience the double throttling from the start?

    • Kaje

      Yan nangyari sakin this month of october. 1.5 mbps from 5 mbps sana speed ko kasi 57gb consumed ko, 50gb ang limit but my speed is a disappointing maximum of 0.24mbps.

  • Ilhub Uso Much

    Hi raz.. Dba 10mbps kung maubus na yung 50gb..30% nito ay 3mbps. So bakit naging 0.256kbps..omg ang bagal

    • Raz

      Hi! Nakailang GB na po kayo as of now? Kasi as other users say, kung nadoble nila yung allocation nila, (50GBx2=100GB), babagal nanaman daw ng another 30% (pero hindi ito official), baka po 256kbps at hindi 0.256.

      • Mark Steve Camba Alcantara

        Naxperience ko rin yan last month kaya nagtatataka ako. Pagkaabot namin ng 100gb bigla nlng bumagsak sa 256kbps… tinawagan ko customer service nila pero wala cla matinong sagot….Ang pinagakaiba lng 10mbps ang speed namin hanggang maabot namin ang 100gb data pero nung naabot n namin ung 100gb bigla nmn bagsak ang speed namin sa 256kbps… Subscribe kami sa Dating LTE 1299 at nagpaupgrade kami sa Bagong LTE 1299 at ganyan n nga nangyari…

        • Raz

          Hi Mark, di ko na maalala when did you upgrade, pero hindi naman ito nangyari SAIYO for the first months after upgrade, tama po ba?

        • Kaje

          Wala talagang matinong sagot. Ngayon all the customer service representatives say over and over is that I just have to call back after 3 hours.

      • TruthOMG

        256kbps is actually 0.256 mbps

  • Mhow Mhow

    If you wish to get the Plan 1099 that we have, you are not going to pay exactly P1099 a month not until the 7th billing. Meaning, your bill will be around P1,600+ for the first three months and about P1,300+ for the next three months (or the 4th to 6th billing). This is due to the fact that you are paying for the P1,200 amortization of the Homephone/Landline (divided into 6 months) and the installment of the P1,000 installation fee (first 3 months). Your 7th bill should be around the MRF (monthly recurring fee) of your chosen plan.

    The installation fee also serves as the amortization for the modem itself. So basically, the modem is also yours after paying the first three months.

    Hi sir. Same plan din po ung kinuha namin plan 1099. this september 2016 lng po kami nag pakabit. tanong ko lng po base sa sinabi niu. Bkit po 1600+ din po ung billing nmin? eh wala nman pong kasamang homephone/landline ung plan.

  • clemlyn

    hello bumabagsak po ba tlaga sa 0.20 mbps ang speed ng 5mbps plan pag naconsume mo na yung 50gb. Ganun po kasi ang nangyari sa akin ngayon..

    • Raz

      Salamat sa information clemlyn! Iraise po natin ito sa Globe customer service, mga apektadong consumers kasi hindi talaga ito yung promise nila sa plans nila.

      • Kaje

        We really need to raise this concern. This is too unfair. Pinaghirapan natin ang ibinayad natin eh bakit ganito ginagawa nila? I once had a globe tattoo connection na wired. I had it cut kasi palaging nawawala. Baka ngayon ipapagdisconnect ko rin tong subscription ko. Raise natin to sa NTC. Their service is becoming really stressful.

      • John Paul

        I have the same problem starting on september up to this month. They promise to throttle 30% of the base speed when you consumed the allowable data allowance now you will get around 0.2mbps up to 0.13mbps. They are not unfair now!!!! Even you report it they want us to purchase booster some agents said it will be 30% and some nakakabadtrip to sasabihin “maghintay na lang kayo ng 1st month for the refresh”!

    • Kaje

      Yan din nangyari sakin. Sobrang nakakadisappoint.

    • Kaje

      I suggest you have the customer service representative make a report sa issue po ninyo. 0.24 mbps pa rin speed ko til now, 36 hours na ang lumipas. Push natin tong issue na to. Di maganda tong ginagawa ng Globe.

  • Kaje

    Bakit nawala ang comment ko dito na nagde-detalye sa super slowed down internet ko? I posted a comment 7 hours ago.

    • fuck fuck

      because globe is a bunch of fuckers – duterte is opening up for international isp, I hope they lety google fibre in

      fuck you globe smart and sun pldt is the least fuckable isp

      • Kaje

        Hahaha chill bro.

    • laz

      Sabi nila kung LTE user ka daw and na exceed mo na ung lmit 30-50Kbps nalang ang magagamit mo. and btw hindi ko alam kung ano yung data allowance na nakalagay sa fliers nila pero ang nakalagay sa plan 1599 us 5Mbps with 60GB data allowance. pero same tayo nung first month ok pa naman pero nung tumagal na mejo may aberya na.

    • Sprite

      Hi Kaje, I feel your sentiments towards the giant network companies dito sa atin but with regards to your post, you say that you already hit your data allocation therefore na throttle ka to a lower speed (less than 1mbps) which is really depressing. But have you considered looking into the side wherein you should not be able to browse at all since you don’t have anymore volume quota? Rule of thumb is that upon quota breach, you should purchase additional volume boost to continue browsing or wait for the next month’s refresh. I suggest instead of getting a consumable plan, better yet get a plan with no data cap (if none is available), get a plan with a higher volume allowance since based on your experience you always breach the limit.

      • Kaje

        Yeah I buy 100 gigs when I reach the cap. It’s not like I have a choice anyway. Napa ka unstable pa ng LTE nila sa ps4 online gaming. How I wish Verizon isp is in my place.

  • Mark Velarde

    I wasn’t able to surpass the 50GB with my 1299 plan this month, about 25GB lng nagamit ko but still bumaba speed ko sa 0.28mbps.. i was observing this treachery since June and i found out that even if you don’t reach the limit of 50GB, still Globe would drop your internet speed to a disgusting <1 value…and it begins in every 25th of the month to the end and would resume only at the start of the next month… such treachery should not be tolerated! a greedy company!

    • Kaje

      Duda ko po dahil yan sa mga hacked globe modems na gumagamit ng mac address na dapat ay sayo lang. Hackers are globe insiders so they know how to steal your connection and get away with it. Kahit di mo ginagamit umabot ka sa data limit dahil may gumagamit na iba. Turning your modem off makes your mac more easy to steal kasi offline ka sa monitoring nila. A friend of mine said mas grabe na daw ang mga magnanakaw ng mac ngayon kasi kahit online ka nananakaw na nila mac mo. Ang masaklap ay di nag aappear sa modem statistics mo ang gigs na ninanakaw nila.

      • Marc Carlo Vendivil

        Ano protection kontra dito?

  • Allan Jeffrey Sarmiento

    I don’t really know kung alin ang totoo. Got 1299 10MBPS LTE installed last month. All is doing great, Download speed is really 10MBPS and upload is sometimes just 5MBPS but really stable. Last Oct 24, speed tests results were extremes, up to 0.02Mbps and speed ko. I called care to report then sabi nila may system issue sa location ko which is Batangas, BTW. Then kinabukasan tumawag ako ulit then they told me na wala ng issue, pero still my speed didnt go higher or made any changes, the rep asked me some info dun sa Wireless status sa 192.168….. then sabi nya failed daw yung signal test, then she filed a ticket to check yung Cell site na nakaregister yung broadband ko, then after 3 days ang feedback, sabi sa feedback all is good pero ganun parin speed ko. Then yung isang rep na nakausap ko, nagpa schedule ng technician, kanina dumating sila. kumonnect sila sa wifi ko then checked the same signal status that I provided sa rep and told me that all is good. They advised me to wait for a call from Manila Office to reset the program or whatever. I waited for the call but sad to say, they called me 11:48, 11:49, 11:50AM. To my awe, I had 2 missed calls but never heard my phone rang. As in missed call lang talaga. tried to callback, but its auto reject, ewan ko lang kung hald day sila dahil 31st na. I called globe again, kanina lang, told him the long story though suirely may notes naman sa account ko. ANG TANGING NASABI LANG NYA “SIR, NA REACH NYO NA PO ANG 100GB ALLOWANCE NYO, YOU HAVE NOW 108GB, MAG ANTAY NALANG PO KAYO NG 12MIDNIGHT, MAG RERESET PO LAHAT NG SYSTEM NAMIN EVERY FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH”. i waited 6 days para lang malaman ko na na reached ko na yung capping at babagal talaga yung speed.
    I have asked as well that if I have reached the 100GB allowance, he made sure himself na 1299 ang plan ko at 100GB and allowance ko, so I was happy for that fact. unfortunately, he said, all new LTE plans would go as low as 64kbps once capped.

    • Driz_12

      Ganyan talaga yung sa Globe. Pang-minsan pa iba-iba yung sinasabi ng Cust. Service nila. Sa tingin ko ngayon balik 10Mbps na yung speed mo? Kasi nagrefresh na yung usage mo by Nov. 1 🙂

    • Mario Walter

      ganyan din sabi sa akin… kaya now and speed ko .24mbps or 2% lang since november 10!

      %(##%*(^)(^^#@[email protected]#[email protected][email protected] globe yan!!!!!

    • fuck fuck

      pare fuck fuck to – ive been a globe customer for 2 years (4 years na yta mother ko)
      lagi silang ganyan — “globe, making reasons ahead”

    • Kaje

      October naging 0.24 din speed ko after reaching 57 gigs, 50 data limit ko. I called customer service countless times but they can’t give a straight answer nor a solution. Umabot nlng sa refresh date. Globe is toying us. They’re abusing us. If I experience that shit again sa NTC na ako magrereklamo. I suggest you all do the same.

  • Kevin Ongoco

    kagabi nagpakabit ako ng plan 1299 na LTE, iniwan ko magdamag para magdownload, pagkagising ko nakaka 40gb na ako, iniwan ko ulit nakabukas tas pasok ako sa work mamaya matsetsek ko kung anu mangyayari sa speed ng internet ko hehe update ako mamaya
    Nga pala bat sabi sakin nung taga globe bago ako magpakabit babagsak ng 70% yung speed pag nareach yung data allocation, cinonfirm ko pa na magiging 7Mbps na lng speed ko pag nareach ko yung 50gb,
    Also yung may mga balak ngayong magpakabit, free installation fee ang buong november kaya pakabit na kau haha

    • Raz

      Hi Kevin! Kumusta speed mo ngayon?

    • Mario Walter

      plan1299 lte 10mbps 50gb

      malabo yan kevin..
      agents will say anything to get a sale.
      ganyan din sabi sa akin… kaya now and speed ko .24mbps or 2% lang since november 10!

      %(##%*(^)(^^#@[email protected]#[email protected][email protected] globe yan!!!!!

    • Kevin Ongoco

      hello guys sadly nung umabot ako ng 100gb nagthrottle speed ko mga 200kbps something n lng them magreklamo kao kasi sabi ko mali sabi nung agent na mbps pa dn dw ang nangyari tinakot ko na ipapatanggal ko n lng connection pero binigyan nila ako ng option na bigyan ako ng libreng 60gb volume boost then ililipat ako sa dsl which is better kasi free lahat kaya tinanggap ko na, now waiting para sa dsl hehe
      pero f*ck globe tlga inaabot m ung 10mbps yung 3mbps nde nila maibigay

    • TruthOMG

      i dont think that is the right speed. Since 1299 plan is 10mbps, when you consume your allowable data it will be reduced to 30% max speed which means 10 x 0.3 = 3mbps.

  • Jay-r Quedado

    same problem I have experienced last oct. 24, 2016 when it just triggered .64kbps data capping speed so i automatically report it to globe via cs then same to my office mate but they have different statement regarding on the same case that we have experienced the one the i talked to said that there may be a problem on the tower but the real problem the capping that they gave me and I have only noticed that when the month ends so which means they gave me a wrong data capping speed then i follow up my report then explained it to them so they said that it is really the data capping that triggered is wrong so they tell me that they have already escalate it so ill just wait for the next month if for example i have already reach my monthly data allowance. then in the case of my office mate they said that we really gonna have a 100gb monthly data then gonna experienced a lower than 256kbps speed. so in what i have experience talking to GLOBE CS is they dont have thesame knowlede regarding on the info that they supposed to give us, they have no synchronization. and lastly regarding on the upgrade of plan I have made i have talked to 3 globe cs just to reconfirm that i will only pay 1299 the next billing when my upgrade is already UP but in the next billing they have charge me 1600plus and i ask the reason why and they said they have pro-rata and i told them “is it not covered in 1299?” and they said its not Im kinda bit pissed off about that but i just leave it there and just pay it because I am satisfied with the speed of the internet.

  • jesse

    hi raz! pa help naman po. naubus na po ung 100gb monthly na limit ko ng 1299 LTE 10mbps, ung 10mbps ko po naging 0.20mbps nlng ano po pwedeng gawin para mabalik po?

    • TruthOMG

      im not a globe user but from what i know your speed will be back every1st day of the month so all you got to do is wait but 0.20mbps is too slow, you should call them and report it coz you should be getting 3mbps when you consumed your allowable data which translates to 30% of your maximum speed.

      • Kaje

        The 30% remaining speed upon reaching the cap has been removed since they launched their 2016 plans. Buying a volume boost seems to be the only way to restore your speed. Takes 24 hours to activate though after calling 211

        • TruthOMG

          that’s too bad, but luckily i didn’t end up getting globe plans 😀
          currently enjoying my 50mbps PLDT unli 😀

  • Kevin Avalon Yap

    Hi guys i’m a 5mbps globe tattoo lte user 50gb per month i see that you guys are experiencing it as well, for three months now since September globe is not able to follow the 30% after exceeding immediately after consuming the monthly data allowance. the speed would go down immediately to 0.3 Mbps (Maximum) I’ve not experience this before September. 8 times naku tumawag sa customer service mga wala ring alam an advices guys para magkaruon ng immediate actions ito, Do I call the termination group and threaten that i disconnect or get a compensation and an immediate action.? what works for you guys. cause I’m sick of these guys kind of service. its borderline scamming/false advertising.

    • fuck fuck

      please someone take a legal action , we promise well help

    • Kaje

      Let’s call NTC.

      • Jarvey Jean Magsambol

        Natawagan nyo na? Ano balita? Balak ko na din tawagan. Hindi worth it ung pagbayad natin sa Globe.

        • Kaje

          Unfortunately NTC doesn’t give a fuck. Globe’s lawyers are very good at bending the law to their will. Our country still does not have a rigid set of laws pertaining to internet usage.

  • JC

    hi guys na expercience nyo minsan ang 1mbps na plan noy maging 10-25mbps ang speed.. maraming beses na ako naka ranas nang ganito d mawawala yong speed na 10mbps pag d mo e turn off yong modem

  • Driz_12

    Hi Raz! Sa mga naka-subscribe sa Globe. Ito yung totoon mangyayari sa capping. Kung isa kang LTE user at nakasubscribe sa 2016 Broadband Plans ng Globe. Kapag nareach muna yung usage mo, Around 100-260Kbps na lang yung speed mo. Hindi totoo yung 30% pagdating sa LTE. Pero sa mga DSL users, kapag nareach muna yung data usage limit mo 30% ng original speed na lang yung makukuha mo.

    Ako mismo, LTE user. Naranasan ko na na macapped. Around 250Kbps lang talaga yung speed. Pero sa pagkakaalm ko kasi 30% ng original speed ang dapat na speed ko pero sa DSL lang pala yun.

  • JL

    Guys once na nareach nyu na ung Data Allowance nyu on Plan 1299 on LTE, bumagal na rin ba yung DSL nyu. Bakit sa akin at DSL and Wifi lang naman ang gamit ko and bihira lang ako magdownload ng mga files samantalang surfing and streaming lang. Grabe only 60gb palang ang nacoconsume ko, napakabagal na ng net ko. Hindi ko na alam kung ano ang sasabihin ko sa GLOBE na yan. Tama lang naman ang binabayad ko sa GLOBE, bakit kaya hindi rin nila magawang TAMA ang serbisyo nila. Inis na inis na ako. Kung pede lang sanang magdemanda ….hay, lilipat nalang ako ng NTC at sana maayos na ito.

  • Too Long

    last month umabot 100 gb bago naging 256kbps bilis ko, ngayon 50 gb palang 256kbps na, di na siguro glitch ito, ito na ata bago nila pakana sa mga lte plan natin 🙁 btw 1299 10 mbps plan ko lte

  • Dedrick Balanggao

    Sa mga naka LTE plan, 64 KBPS lang daw talaga ang magiging speed once na ma-exceed ung monthly volume allowance, according sa CSR ng Globe. Pero ang sabi naman ng Sales Department, dapat daw 30% of the base speed. In short, nagkakalokohan.

    I already filed a complaint (thru email) sa NTC. I think para mas mabigyan ng pansin, mag email din kayo sa [email protected]


    • Driz_12

      Same issue. Parehong Globe and Government yung may problema kung bakit tayo nagkakaganito. Dapat bilang taga-regulate ng mga connection. Dapat maayos na ma-implement ng NTC yung mga policy nila. Parang kasi di naman sinusunod ng mga Telecom company sa atin yung policy ng gov. Hindi man lang sila natatakot or something.

  • [ ]

    hi i have an plan 999 if i upgrade it in 1299 do i get DSL router and wifi and how many days to uprade it?

  • Joshua

    Kung may budget naman kayo, extra phone at Laptop lang gamit nyo. ABS nalang aplayan nyo. 1,500 lang unlimited na. Spare phone? Wala namang kwenta yung pocket wifi nila hahaha. Sa ngayun sira na siya, gumagana pero mabagal, so tinary ko sa spare phone (L625) ko, ginawa kong hotspot. Mabilis. Kung desktop gamit nyo pwede din. Kaso yun nga minsan hindi consistent yung speed and maliit lang na usb cable gamitin nyo, yung sa kuya ko kase gumagana pa. Exaggerated ba? Haha gabe ko na kase tinaype to.

  • Mark Steve Camba Alcantara

    Anu po ibig sabihin nyan “On the 7th month, HOOQ and Netflix will auto-renew with charge”? Subscibre kami sa plan 1299 on the 7th month may dagdag na bill namin at hindi na 1299?

  • Dunkingkong

    Hi Raz, i am subcribed to plan 1599 DSL. when i checked my internet speed i’m only getting 13mbps. is it normal? thanks!

  • Mark Steve Camba Alcantara

    Update: (LTE Homebroadband Plan 1299 with 10mbps and 50gb data allocation per month) pagkatapos ko magpaupgrade sa bagong plan ng globe nadouble ung data allocation ko pero after 3 months back to normal ng 50gb data allocation. Parang testing or Promo lng nila kaya lumaki ung data allocation pero babalik din yan sa normal 2lad ko. Sa throlling nmn Parang sa DSL lng ung 30% pero sa mga LTE 256kbps pag naabot n ung 50gb allocation. Ngaun bumalik n sa normal ang data allocation ko which is 50gb at throlled to 256kbps pag naconsume na.

    • Raz

      Thanks for the update Mark. I guess kailangan na i-edit nag post at ganun na talaga ang rule for LTE subs.

      • Driz_12

        As of now, Di pa rin malinaw yung policy nila. Ang sabi ng sales department hindi naman daw dapat ganoon yung speed. Ang daming different stories. Meron namang nagsasabi na maglalabas sila ng revamp plans. Kung saan yung mga freebies tulad ng Netflix, HOOQ, Spotify, at iba pa kapag ginamit mo di na mababawas data allocation mo for that month tapos kapag na-capped ka 1Mbps na lang yung speed which is okay considering na yung mga LTE users tulad only have 256Kbps kapag na-capped na.

        • Raz

          This is indeed very confusing Driz. Regarding the plans, bakit kailangan maglabas nanaman ng “revamp” plans. Why not just modify the existing system na hindi na mabawas sa data allocation kapag ginamit ang freebies. Then, notify the users about it. Anyway, we’re not using any of the freebies given. Hindi nga din namin sila inactivate, even spotify, since I already had a separate subscription.

          Hmmm. I’ll just leave this post as is. Let the comment section speak nalang for users’ actual experience. Thank you for the update Driz!

  • Enujnai Cuartero

    same samin 50gb plan 1299 din gamit ko then pag naconsume na ang 50gb humihina na ng 28kbs nalang..d ko alam kung bakit sobrang hina..everytime nglalaro ako ng online games tpos mai ng Fb wala na sobrang lag na ako…

    • Ralph Petilla

      Bakit ako sir? Hahaha naka subscribe din ako sa 1299 10mbps 50gb cap. Kakapakabit lng ho namin. Sobrang nabadtrip ako. Kase ung dating 5mbps speed. Tas 1.20+ mbps dl speed. Naging 0.12mbps to 0.9mbps na lng. Ask ko lng po kelan po babalik ung dating speed? First day of the month po ba? Like ngayon. Feb 27, sa feb28 midnight po b magrereset?

  • hikarihikaru004

    Hi everyone! Ive read the article but i have some questions. 256kbps should be remained as the throrrled down speed right? is that 256kbps a kilobit or a kilobyte? cuz im seeing kbps and not kBps. Cuz im really having a serious problem with our LTE here. whenever we consume our 50GB our speed is throttled down to 200-284kbps(kilobit/sec)=48kBps(kilobyte/sec). is that normal? Its been 4 months and still got no answer from globe. they always suggest boosters and stuff again and again.

    • Raz

      Hi! Yes, it is 256kbps (kilobit/sec) = 32kB/sec = 0.256mbps.

  • Kristina Arkhipov

    Hi there, is anyone using their DSL PLAN1599? If yes, please let me know what is your upload speed like? I need 2Mbps upload and 10 Mpbs download for work and need to give the green light to my landlady asap. We called Globe but they claimed not to know their upload speed .. thanks in advance!

  • Driz_12

    Hi! @[email protected]:disqus Naalala mo pa po ba ako? Haha, Ako yung active dito sa comment section about sa Home Broadband ni Globe. Sabi nila baka daw maglabas ng bagong Home Broadband Plan si Globe ngayon darating na June 1.

    • Raz

      Hi @Driz_12:disqus, oo naman. Haha. Sana kung maglabas man, ibalik na sana yung dating rule sa LTE, kung by data volume pa rin ang offers.

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