Do Boredom Strikes?


As defined by Merriam Webster, boredom is the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. I have seen many people saying they are bored. Like “Bored to death.” Every time I encounter these people whether it is personal or through a social media post, one question is always on my mind. “Why are they bored?” With the fact that I always found myself lacking enough time to do what I want.

There is always something to do.

I hardly experience boredom even if I’m just in our house fulltime. I graduated in college last April 2014, attended a review school til August that year, failed the board exam in September, tried to find a job in October, stopped finding a job in November, decided to wait for the next licensure examination in December and finally started to seriously review  some weeks ago. When did I encounter this boredom? None. I am not fooling anyone in this statement. I just currently do not encounter any “downtime” called “boredom” in my life. Except of the time waiting for someone if the word “naiinip” or being impatient is just the same as boredom in your vocabulary. Oh come on, life is too short for you/us to waste time being in an idle boredom status.

Boredom is Nowhere

For me, boredom is nowhere. It simply has no room in my interest. I just find the whole day not enough for me to be able to do tasks and things I want. If there is no health issues, you might find me awake til midnight or dawn doing my things. There are lots to do! I do not know if it is just because I am living in a barrio and enclosed in a 0.3 hectare lot. Sabi nga nila sa tagalog, hindi nauubos ang trabaho dito sa amin. You will surely find something to do when you’re here. Not counting the regular household chores I’d talked about in one of my post and during review hours, you will either find me in:

  • our duyan or kubo spending some of my time thinking about things.
  • my den/room fixing or organizing my things.
  • our tambayan (a place in our house where most of the people prefer to stay) doing techie stuffs like experimenting with cables, wires, electrical appliances, sound amplifier and/or receivers, tv antenna and even disassembling devices just to find out how they work.
  • a comfy chair carrying my tablet checking my facebook notifications, reading news headlines, checking out what’s the trend in science and technology.
  • front of my laptop computer tweaking some stuffs of  my blog or writing a new article.
  • the yard playing with my dogs.
  • a straight posture holding my phone and texting (which I rarely do now.)

With these things, there is technically no time wherein I am idle. I do not know if I’m just an abnormal human being. But Hey! I am thankful that I am spending all my time doing some things rather than just sitting and waiting for the hand of the clock to pass in another number. I am not saying I spend it wisely because there are days that I am not satisfied with my  productivity.

There are lots to do with the time you have. The next time that boredom strikes you, think of people who fight for their lives and wishes even for another minute to live. They are not getting bored. They are hoping. I bet you don’t want to exchange position with them.

Be thankful to the time and life God had given to you. Don’t waste it in being bored.

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