Cheap .COM Domain Registration for $1+ (ZNetLive)


Tired of looking for cheap domain registrar? Well, you just ended up with a true and right solution. ZnetLive is a reliable hosting service that is based from India. Recently, they started offering cheap .COM domains for as low as USD 1.42. Insanely cheap right? What is fascinating about ZnetLive is that they are ICANN accredited registrar. Meaning, they are really reliable and registered to conduct such business.

Cheap .COM Domain Registration

I found out about ZnetLive when just like you, I am looking for a cheap registrar where I could register the domain I want to start a blog. And as you may guess, the blog you are looking at this very moment is registered via ZnetLive. 🙂

Register a .COM domain for only US $1.42 now.


Maybe you already stumbled on registrars that claims to give you a 1 dollar or 0.99 dollar or 99 cents domain. Then, you ended up with those hidden and additional costs when you checkout. Additional cost like ICANN fees, bundled hosting service or for WHOIS privary protection are the usual bundled fee/services.

Other registrars also force you to renew your registration with them in the following year with an absurd higher fee than normal. At some case, they do not even allow you to transfer your domain to another registrar when you are unhappy with their service. Basically, when you availed such service, you get trapped on their flowery words and suffer later on.

ZnetLive Advantages

Unlike the comparison above (No registrar name was mentioned anyway), ZnetLive does not hide those fees under the USD 1.42 pricetag. The ICANN fee and WHOIS privacy protection is already bundled with the domain you registered from them. As an additional, you also get the option to have 2 email accounts right in your own domain. That is given even you do not buy hosting or email service from them! Additional perks for Indian customers are the free INR 2,500 adwords credits.

The company do not force you to renew your subscription with them and you are free to transfer your domain to another registrar whenever you like. Paypal is widely accepted as a payment option on all plans offered by ZnetLive. This is unlike other registrars that ask for credit card information.

Additional Information

When you choose to stay with them (that you will likely do), you are already going to pay the normal annual registration fee of about 8-9 USD. You are also limited on availing only one (1) .COM domain for the price of USD 1.42. Succeeding registrations will be charged the normal fee.

Aside from .COM domain, vast choices of both generic and top-level domains such as .NET  and .ORG are also offered. Another good deal to have is the .SPACE domain that currently sells for 4.42 USD. This is half the normal price of a .COM domain with that cute domain name ending that adds flavor to the domain name you want.

.com USD-15

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Avail this offer while it still lasts!

Updated Aug 22. Oops! The price even become lower (about a few cents)! You can now get .com domain for only $1.34!

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