Buying International Items from Lazada PH: The Experience


If you had read my past articles here in my blog, you will know that I am a fan of online shopping. It is like there is no month that will pass that I haven’t ordered an item online, whether it is for my own use or for my relatives and friends. Well, maybe because I find the convenience of just sitting on a chair and choosing the items I like to have. Mainly, I am ordering items from Lazada and Zalora. But those items are just local items. It’s not until lately that I ordered some items that were labeled as “This item ships from abroad”. So, here’s my experience.

Lazada International Items

You can easily spot an item that is coming abroad when you see something like this on the right side of the item you are eyeing: “This item ships from abroad”.

You can notice here that the expected delivery time is longer compared to ordinary items that are coming within the Philippines. That makes sense because Lazada PH will transact with the original seller first, let’s say from China to ship the orders to them then shipping it to you.

Things to Know for International Orders

1. The number 1 difference from local vs international orders placed in Lazada is that you can’t pay via COD (Cash-on-Delivery). You need to pay in advance, via Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, or even on 7-Eleven (7-Connect). This might be a thumbs down for some, but I tried paying via Credit Card/Paypal/7-Eleven and all of my orders went well.

2. The shipping, as stated in Lazada will take about 2-3 weeks after your order date, depending on the item/s ordered. However, with my experience, shipments always arrive ahead of time. In some cases, even after less than a week.

3. There is no warranty available for items ordered. Meaning, no replacement policy. However, items can still be refunded if found defective. I have proven this myself.

4. If you are worrying about taxes and customs duties, Lazada is in-charge of everything. You will directly transact only with Lazada. This is the reason why most of the international items in Lazada is priced higher when you compare it to AliExpress or Ebay (for example, phone accessories). They are doing the legwork and make it hassle free for you as possible.

5. Your order will arrive as usual in your door step or your chosen delivery address. The only unusual thing here is that the packaging will contain Chinese characters on them if it came from China. 😛 Orders are typically shipped via LBC or through their in-house delivery, LEX.

That’s all. Still thinking if you want to order an item from abroad via Lazada? Try it now, and experience the convenience of it.

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