Organize Blog Content into Categories on a WordPress Blog

Organizing Blog Categories

I never expected that conceptualizing and organizing blog categories will consume a lot of time. I just thought it was easy. After days of  hardship, I finally arrived in the most efficient way I knew to organize the present and future content in this blog.

Maybe, you are struggling too in making well-named categories in your blog. Feel free to make this as your basis or inspiration.

Organize Blog Posts into Categories on WordPress

The following categories will be use in this blog:

Updated June 18, 2015. Added Tutorials as a standalone category replacing the slot for Fun Facts.

1. Art and Design

Contains graphic designs and art projects that are mostly part of my old works during college.  These are typically certificate, program, invitation, brochure, etc.

2. Food and Drink

Covers food and drink selections that I love the most.

3. Gadgets and Tech

Latest technology news, gadget selections, as well as applicable reviews and tutorials.

4. Internet and Blogging

Anything about internet and blogging. Articles about internet service, communication advancements, blogging ideas and tutorials, web hosting, etc.

5. Education and Government

Articles dealing about my opinion on education, basic law and sensitive government issues, as well as guides to avail some services of the government.

6. Shareworthy

Anything that doesn’t fall into a single category.

7. Site Updates

Various posts that provide information regarding to website changes and other related matter.

8. Sketch a Review

Tackles about reviews of products and services I had tested such as online shopping and general services.

9. Stories to Tell

Personal experiences and stories that are wholly represented with my personal touch and interest.

10. Tutorials

Various tips and tutorials (How To Guides) are published under this category.

I hope that I already covered all of the things I wished to be posted in this blog. I made all the categories in a personal view because I am not planning to have a magazine or news blog anyway. 🙂

Start Browsing the Categories Archive.

Thru a lot of reading, I learned that it is best to build an organized blog category while you are just starting a blog. Not only that it will save you the hassle on reorganizing dozens of posts in the future but to give an impression to the readers and visitors what your blog is all about.


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