Love The Book: Starting the Formal Review


Today is May 5, 2015.

Fulfilling the Promise

I promised to myself that right after my 21st birthday, I’ll dedicate most of my time in reading books – not story books but science – chemistry books. It’s been seven months after my first take of the boards. I’d spent 30% of it doing what I want, reading and learning non-related thingies for the board examination. What I mean here is that I have allotted few hours a day for my tech mind – reading and trying some software, tweaking systems,  etc. Oh well, studying about internet service, website building and web hosting is also there! A reason of the birth of this personal blog of mine. Another 40% for doing barrio and household stuffs. That’s walking up in the morning, feeding the ducks and chicken, changing and refilling their water drinkers as well as the pigs’ too. This 40% also includes walking and playing with my dogs, “Tamie & Wacky” and this newly born “Baby” na sobrang kulit. As well as feeding them together with another four dogs and 2 cats. That seems a lot right? Did I mention that we had 40 baby ducklings and 30+ chicks as of the moment? Haha. (I indicated baby. Not counting the adults.) Then, doing the dishes, cleaning the yard, helping Mom do other tasks. The remaining 30% is left for studying. This 30% is the time I allotted for reading chemistry stuffs. Na irregular pa, may mga araw na hindi ako nagbabasa totally. -_-

Love The Book

So now, I am revising my daily schedule and putting the “Study time” in priority. I will be giving around 60% of my time for studying. That is starting today. And the other 2 things for about 20% each. This is the time to dedicate my love to my books. <3 And, start the formal review.

Starting the Formal Review

Now that I have complete resources (physical books), I will not be having alibis and reasons not to review.  The thousands of pesos my aunt had spent for me to able to buy these books last March should be use. And should be read and understood by me. Aba, nakakahiya naman kung babagsak pa ako at isa pa, para din naman sa future ko ang exam na to. Ngayon pa na inilabas na ang ang R.A. 10657 na nagsasabing 5 subjects na ang Chemistry Board Exam. Nagsolo na ang Biochemistry at iniwan na niya si Organic. I am not sure if this is effective in the upcoming September examination. *cry*

It is a good thing too that I decided not to work yet. Well, I hope I haven’t put the companies I applied for in trouble when I refused to start working with them. Lol. Maybe, it’s not just the right time for me. Since I ask for signs whether I should grab the offer and work or not. I am not a  person who really rely on “signs” but I think it worked for me. God always have better plans when your plans don’t work as you wished/expected. If I understand the article right, all chemistry graduates (and other related courses) should take the board examination for chemistry for them to be able to practice chemistry. Thus, working in the field. I do not know how and what extent this will affect the companies currently employing non-licensed chemistry graduates. However, employees who are working for years in the field shouldn’t be affected because they can already apply for license, as what the law states. But, those who were just newcomers might be required by the company to take the licensure examination in the coming months or years.

Note: I am posting this so that I could remember my pledge every time I visit my blog. 😛

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