Feetpillars is Now Online!

The Story

After several months of silence here in SpideyLab, I started posting again for the 1st year anniversary of my blog (this blog), followed by an update of being a Zalora Ambassador in July.

By the month of August, I posted the first full-blown travel article inspired by our recent trip to Quezon Province.  That very article gave rise to a possibility of a new adventure for SpideyLab. However, I am having a second thought. This somewhat deviates to the original purpose when I decided to be online and launch this blog. Travel is a very different thing, as well as the thought of experimenting.

Birth of a New Blog

We had our trip again to Batangas, after two months coming from Cagablete. By that time, my friend and I is already planning to have our travel blog.  We also started booking plane tickets for our 2017 trips. Of course, those trips should also have their own blog articles! Then, I tell myself, I have found my travel buddy indeed. 🙂

We then decided to make our thoughts come to life. After a week of brainstorming for the new blog name, I registered the domain. The domain that shall be use for all the leisure, travel and adventure we will be taking together.  We ended up choosing FeetPillars as our travel blog. Not just because it is unique but I had noticed that we (or I? haha) loved taking pictures of our (or my?) feet on our every destination. Pillars symbolizes support while feet is for steps. We think that this is a very good name for a travel blog. Isn’t it?

You may visit the new travel blog here: http://feetpillars.com. It is still under construction during the time I am writing this article but it should be up after a week.

The category Leisure and Travel here in SpideyLab, as well as the most recent travel post will be redirected to the new blog.

Wish us luck for this new adventure!


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