SpideyLab is a personal blog of an individual. All the views, thoughts, opinions, emotions and experiences shared in this blog is purely personal and does not intend on any way to speak on behalf of, or represent nor reflect upon any individual, a group or organization unless explicitly stated. As all the blog post are written via personal expression, this blog does not have any intention to hurt any individual, group of individuals, organizations, ethnic or cultural groups, or religions.

Article Contents

This blog doesn’t purport to speak unchanging and universal truths; it is a personal expression of how things were perceived at any given time during my blogging journey. I reserve the right to change these opinions, thoughts and feelings in my writing as my knowledge evolve over time.

Reviews and Tutorials

Articles dealing with product and service reviews are written according to my personal insights and equitable evaluation of the said product or service. Also, by following any of my tutorials, I do not give any warrant of or has any obligation in scenarios that a given procedure cause unexpected events such as damages on equipment, break a material or the like. However, on my sole discretion may help to fix the relevant issue.

Copyright Information

Below is the outline about the copyright information of the content found in this blog.


All write-ups written in this blog is a sole property of me, the author unless noted. These are original write-ups and shall not be redistributed on any way without consent or permission. Shall someone need a piece/part of a viable information found in this blog, he/she is allowed to cite it on his/her own blog provided that a link to the original post is included. Also, I will be glad if I’ll be contacted first about it. Who knows? We can build a new friendship in this way.

Images and Other Media

Images such as featured media post shown in this blog are assumed to be in public domain. Shall you have any copyright claim, you can easily request to remove such material in this website. However, this does not include photos embedded on reviews and tutorials as these images are in my property. These media files can be shared anyway you want it that does not generate money in the sense that it is being sold. Time to time, I share graphic designs in this blog. These are my original creation and you are free to share or tweak it according to your liking. Getting inspiration on these designs are encourage. Same with ordinary media files, you are not allowed to sell or use these designs commercially.


Comments are welcome but as the owner and sole author of SpideyLab, I reserve the right to delete or edit comments at my discretion, particularly if they are offensive, rude, spam, or contains hate speech or any pointed attacks at any individual or group. Any editing will be noted on each comment edited.


This blog is primarily maintained through revenues generated through advertisements. I inserted these non-obtrusive ads between articles, blog homepage and other pages of the blog. These ads will neither bother you nor force you to click them to read the content. I have minimal control on what type of advertisement may be served by third party ad servers. You can find more information about this by reading the privacy policy.

Affiliate links may be seen as a part of an article or as a sidebar advertisement.  These links serve as both an endorsement and sponsor support for this blog. I have full control on what links will be seen throughout the site. Rest assured, these affiliate links are of great use and the service offered or being recommended is personally tested by myself.

One Last Thing

SpideyLab is my personal space and I have the right to post anything I want that I thought to be not violating any law or can hurt an individual. I am, after all, writing in my personal endeavour and not to please nor disparage anyone in particular. If after all this, my blog still offends and upsets you, may I suggest you visit one of the millions of other blogs here in the world wide web which may not only be much more brilliant in content and style, but also bring you much greater reading pleasure.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message here.

This disclaimer is updated on August 13, 2015.

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