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What is SpideyLab?

SpideyLab is a multi-oriented personal blog launched on May 2015. Its goal is to provide quality and useful content enriched by not only using great power of knowledge but also by sharing personal experiences.

Getting to Know

Hi! I am Raz, a Chemist by profession and a post teenager guy from Tarlac, Philippines. I am usually called “Raz” for years by those who had known me in school and “Jay R” or simply “Jay” by my relatives and our neighborhood. These nicknames became my escape from my unique name. As I usually need to spell my real name every time I introduce myself to others. I have a limited number of friends but I am not the type of “anti-social” person. I graduated from Tarlac State University with a degree in BS Chemistry. I love reading about techie things (and randomness overload) over the internet but I found satisfaction in dealing with various science experiments too. With that, I am a frustrated IT person that did not pursue his first choice. However, this curiousness of mine brought me in the field of Chemistry. I love Chemistry, especially when laboratory experiments time. I prefer to discover things and figure out answers on questions by myself than asking abrupt questions to others. I am a backstage-type person and I do well managing and preparing things for use by others. I am a bit touchy to details and always wanted to shell out the best out of a project or activity.

I am inviting you to join me with my life journey and I’ll share with you the things I found to be useful and worth reading for. I am not giving scope of limitations here but free sense of writing of any thoughts I have in my mind. Rest assured, I will do my best not give you headache reading this blog. Oops. Please bear with me for some incorrect grammar and the like, I am no expert with that. Of course, I will be glad if you will point out some issues that may ruin your reading experience. 🙂

Visit my profile page or take a look at my journey.

Have a great day! 😀


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